Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi dudes!!it has been a very long time since i updated my blog....
its really frustrating because my internet connection is not proper yet.
but hopes never die....
so let me take this once in a month or whatever oppurtunity to write something about my favourite book TWILIGHT...
oh my god its really a wonderful book i have ever read!really fantabulous!
whatever your mood be just before reading the book, i can assure you that once you start reading the stuff you will be automatically shifted to a fantasy world.
Not scary like dracula,little dissappointed about that alone!
though the fear element comes at the last i really loved the book.
i wanna read the second part "new moon"
i dont wanna see the flick of twilight bcoz my friends say its not that much interesting,like u wont get the same pleasure you get while reading the book.
A vampire love story as you all know but more than that what i liked was different habits of vampires,their characteristics,immortal life, how
the hero's father (not own father) his siblings,he himself changed to vampires.
After reading the book i wish i were a vampire too!