Monday, December 13, 2010

Its a crazy world!

One day somebody smiles at you and the very next day gone is the smile.

You show your sincerity to the core in the work you do, but all you earn is accuses!

You help a person with a true heart and they finally turn out as your enemies.

You love your friends more than your life only to realize one fine day that they were fake!

Oh my god!what a kind of a world is this? Where, everything is so very unpredictable?


we are all inside a tunnel I understand.

how many of you are enjoying the darkness? And how many of you really are dying to see the light?? And worst of all how many of you are pretending as though you are living in light?

Well well,”honesty is the best policy” goes the saying.may be it’s the best but believe me there is nothing to do with the so called “honesty” in this era.

Ya I know exactly what you are thinking now. “cheating, crookedness may all give you a temporary gain but is not gonna help you in the long run”

Well let me ask you,what do you mean by the “long run”?

Any way nobody is gonna stay here forever or is gonna get out alive!

See experience Is the best teacher and what if experiences teaching you that in today’s world all you need is money and money rules the world? will you learn that lesson or?

Its confusing isn’t it?

BUT I wanna tell you this, eventhough its like that its you who is gonna decide about you and your even if the whole world is against you, do anything which you think is just because good always win in the battle vs evil

To make it more clear listen to this,

Life is a running race and you are one among the participants

Some fools take the shortcut because they wanna reach the destination fast but they fail to understand that on doing so the game they play doesn’t become fair

It becomes a foul play.spectators and co participants and all may fail to notice that but

Somebody is watching you from the heaven friends, and nothing can cheat those eyes.:)