Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear time...

 Dear  time,
RUN fast!As fast as you can...
True, that we curse you for flying and turning everything to mere memories and the same we, praise you by calling you a magic healer. My dear friend, I apologize you for that . We have always been crazy people, selfish people and we always behave like a cat on the wall,
People complain that you kill their beautiful childhood days.
Now I feel, what is the point in staying forever in one’s childhood? Isn’t it non-sense to always remain dependent and ignorant?
So, my dear friend, please do run fast! It’s my request
Because independence is all I need now.
I have grown impatient because it is exasperating to stay on an island for so long that too captivated. I feel its simply ridiculous to just sit and stare. . I am restless. Won’t you consider this prayer of a confused teenager?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before the anger defeats you...

“AARGH! WHO ENTERED MY ROOM and touched my personal stuffs???????”-you scream
“And my beatles’s  CD is missing!omg!!!!!”, but no one seems to answer.
“And my ipod!!!!!!!!!!! Jeeez!”
This time you run out of your room and enter the room of your prime suspect. Yes your sis!
You scream! But your sis shows an “I don’t live in this world itself”” expression on her face.
Now you can’t bear it anymore .without another word you take a leap towards your sis. Of course, your sis won’t keep quiet, And NOW, Ladies and gentleman the quarrel begins: D

Well friends, this is an example of a  common fight.
We all become angry for reasons that are silly to serious. And unfortunately unlike expressing other emotions, we can’t express anger because is harmful to others and even to us.
Well I am here to give you certain ways by which you can control your anger(as if I am so patient! but believe me this will really help you to at least reduce the impacts of anger on you as well as on the person you are angry with)
First, let us rewind the above situation. You enter your room and understand that somebody has sneaked in, and the missing Beatles CD and the broken Ipod are the proofs.
And you have reasons to believe that all that are the works of your sis
.1-before you feel like hitting your sis reach for a paper and pen
Now convert your anger into words. Scribble out whatever comes to your mind. (Well, this seems stupid because you will go blind when you are angry. Now that you have read this, always be prepared with a paper and penJ)
Now if your anger is gone,keep it up! Well if not, try this.
2-IMAGINE yourself kicking or hitting or pinching your sis .If you cant imagine just grab a pillow and start hitting it (well sorry,I am not responsible for the later scoldings from your mom)
Now is the anger gone? yes? Wonderful! No? Don’t worry
3-Count from 1 to 10 slowly (an old method) plus think like this”I am different from others and I wont allow the enemy -anger to defeat me”
Now your anger will definitely vanish and still if you are angry I am sorry ,uh-oh your poor sis!:(
So that’s it.
[Now coming to your missing beatles C.D and Ipod matter. well once your anger is gone, wait for a chance to sneak into your sister’s room and search for your things and if you are unable to find them, take some of your sister’s fave belongings and get out. once your sis finds out that ,she will come to you.
NOW offer the two way dealJ]
 So friends try the above methods and defeat the dangerous enemy-anger before it defeats you.Go on take up this challenge.Good luck!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ever felt like you are lost in the woods?just you and your fear and the deep dark woods?
cursing yourself for going into this intimidating place when it beckoned you??regretting for what you have done???,struggling hard to get out?? wishing for at least a star to show the way??but never succeeding? 

Friday, March 11, 2011

My prayers for japan...

heart breaking..........

So miserable that another earthquake and tsunami have hit the coast of japan today.
Nature is showing her rage once again ,another warning for the  man to put an end to his greed.
Feeling really sorry for the people’s fate.
wishing with all my heart, for the re-establishment of normalcy in japan soon and my prayers for the country.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i wish....

I wish I could fly.
Fly until the zenith of the night sky and then look down at the sleeping world and scream at the top of my voice you don’t know me!
And float like that ,smiling as the maze down there entangles my mind, but never trying to find out where I really belonged to
And then, like how roses of  glass shatters when dropped from the heaven, I wish I could vanish suddenly to everywhere, erasing every memory of mine from the mind of every one I know,from the mind of everyone who knows me, to make it all like I never existed at all

Monday, March 7, 2011

Loss is loss...

Loss is loss…be it small or big,a thing or a person …anything
Well something that I realized recently
And everyone knows that time heals this wound.
But do you believe this healing is eternal??NO
what I observed about time was that, it has a mechanism to do this whole healing process.. …
I believe it’s the plan of the time that we,at somepoint of our life, feel  that we have found a substitute for our loss…(and we may even get what we lost itself as in the case of a relationship, but with a lot of weak patchworks…)
And at that time your hearts swears to you that it is the same old one that you lost once. And it will all feel fresh, a new beginning… that’s how the pain vanishes
Then life moves on….
Is that the end??? No its not over folks…
one day you will seriously ponder why is it that the vacuum is still there even when it is filled?? Why is it that nothing is like how it was before??? why am I acting ????
Then you will realize that the substitute was deceptive, was imperfect and your smile fades.
And here a severe ache rushes out and then you will know time was a cheat because the grief of loss is still there, it was there all these days, at some corner of your heat like an unrotten corpse in the cold.
And even time wont come to your rescue at that time, for it’s role is over.
Then you will stop acting, you wont value your substitute anymore, you will stop showing your fake smile,you will accept the truth.
And if you ask me if there is any way to kill the pain, I would say-No, Because loss is loss.
But friends you know what? tomorrow when you become a loss to somebody else, you can pass on a copy of the same pain you underwent, to him or her….