Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear time...

 Dear  time,
RUN fast!As fast as you can...
True, that we curse you for flying and turning everything to mere memories and the same we, praise you by calling you a magic healer. My dear friend, I apologize you for that . We have always been crazy people, selfish people and we always behave like a cat on the wall,
People complain that you kill their beautiful childhood days.
Now I feel, what is the point in staying forever in one’s childhood? Isn’t it non-sense to always remain dependent and ignorant?
So, my dear friend, please do run fast! It’s my request
Because independence is all I need now.
I have grown impatient because it is exasperating to stay on an island for so long that too captivated. I feel its simply ridiculous to just sit and stare. . I am restless. Won’t you consider this prayer of a confused teenager?


  1. hey hp
    tis is something evry1 goes thru yaar but sadly ters nothing v can do bout it :(


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