Sunday, April 3, 2011



AND  finally after the long wait of 28 years, WE HAVE LIFTED THE WORLD CUP, WE HAVE BECOME THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD…!!!!!
After the Kapil’s devils, Dhoni’s boys have done it again.
No better sent-off to the legendary master blaster from the world cup.
India did not sleep yesterday. omg! How could we?
India really deserved it!such was the batting,bowling,and fielding performances of India throughout the tournament. Tough luck for lanka.
No wrong in saying that sreesanth is a lucky charm for india and what a bowling by zaheer khan!highly commentable although in the last over he was a bit expensive.
When crowd was shocked when sehwag was trapped LBW by Malinga off the very second ball of the innings,and thought that they were dreaming when sachin was gone for just 18 runs ,nobody had the faintest idea that a few hours later, they would be rejoicing and April 2 was gonna be the unforgettable day for any Indian.
After the two big losses, young blood Gambhir and kohili, rebuilt the innings as well as rekindled the hopes of the one billion beating hearts of India.
When kohili was gone for 35, came dhoni, the captain cool.
 He had struggled through the tournament and was evidently not in form, and hence automatically nobody expected him to do wonders and doubted dhoni’s move of promoting himself up the batting order to number 4.
But I really knew that he was gonna rock because he had always been my favourite cricketer ever since he entered our Indian team and he has this ability of peaking up at the right time.
From which other captain can you expect this?Clearly he is the captain cool.
When Gambhir was gone for 97,India still had wickets in hand.
And then came Yuvi,with determination and confidence in his eyes.
During the last few overs, when the number of balls and the required runs were the same, occasional fours and sixes by dhoni and yuvi eased the pressure off them, setting it back on the Lankan bowlers.
Finally in the 48.2nd  over, came the winning shot with dhoni hitting a SIX!
And along with the six, came all sorts of screams, cheers, applause, smiles-the moments of ecstasy, the moments of celebration!what a pride it was to watch the Indian flags fly high!!!!!
And it was indeed a great sight to see the Indian players lifting the one and only sachin tendulkar-the god of cricket, on their shoulders, and leading him around the ground.(sachin, you are born to play this game, you are just incredible! mwaaaah!)
Nobody could resist the tears of joy and it was great to watch the respect everyone had for our master blaster. No wonder India lifted the world cup for sachin!
This cup is the answer to all the criticisms that team India has faced right from the beginning of the tournament and to all who doubted India’s ability and performance.
not to forget India’s coach Gary Kirsten.He did an incredible job and Was somebody more than a coach to team India.with this world cup he too is bidding farewell.
Of course, this world cup after the long 28 years is like the rain after a long drought and we are the delighted dwellersJ



  2. Congratulations to Team India .. which has become a world champion ..!
    hihihi .. even though this sport is less familiar in countries Us ..
    greetings from Indonesia ..!

  3. yes, of course...
    I created this post to someone who is looking for purpose in life ..! hihi

  4. Yay! Congrats to India! I feel sorry for Sri Lanka and Pakistan though. :(


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