Friday, March 1, 2013


I splintered a mirror,
The mirror that gave my flawless fake image.
It crashed with a creak on the floor,
Spilling tiny silver fleshes everywhere.
Do not scrounge for the reasons,
Let me alone know them.

Some snickered, some pitied.
Others’ ireful eyes waited to burn me down.
Smile is my answer.
But into whose hearts, the pieces pierced so terribly,
, they  sting me and  I cant bear.

Soon, I will turn a forgotten song.
And no lips will sing me
And that is what I need.
Then I will be relieved .
My furtive flight will start
To where I shall really belong.

Perhaps you are a mere living image now,
Like what I have been, like whom I may become again
You too shall find this strange mirror soon,
shining strangely in the dark
Beckoning everything that it shouldn’t .

The mirror that can reflect you
When you never really stand before it.