Sunday, October 31, 2010

lotus of peace blooms in santhigiri ashram...

  • The 21 petal lotus of peace,With a blooming spirituality, in Santhigiri Ashramam in
    Thiruvanathapuram(kerala,India) was  dedicated to the entire world on 12th Sept 2010,on  the occasion of the 84th birthday of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru. The day is other wise known as the “the Day of Light”.

The Parnasala is considered as the respect of the devotees of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru, founder of the Ashramam. The Significance of Parnasala flows from Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru’s Life and Realization for the world. The lotus structure which consists of 21 petals – 12 unfurling in the top layer and 9 towards the base.
This huge structure is an architectural spectacle a visual wonder Each petal on the top extends to 41 feet height while the bottom petals are 31 feet long, exhibiting an exceptional architectural skill not seen in contemporary buildings The structure, standing 91 feet tall and 84 feet wide, is the largest of its kind in the world. The monument, in the shape of a lotus in full bloom, has been constructed using the best quality ‘Makrana’ Marble in the world. The Guru’s body is laid to rest in the sanctum of the Parnasala which is shaped like a lotus bud carved out of wood. The entire interior of 27 feet height and 21 feet diameter is encased with brass. In front of the sanctum (Sarakoodam) is a carved wooden mandapam (platform) called the Balalayam. The Balalayam is guarded by two majestic tuskers carved in rosewood..

The Original Parnasala was built up by Guru in 1960’s with a thatched hut, reflecting the inherent simplicity and austerity. Guru stayed in this simple structure, consisting of a thatched roof supported by four poles, and interacted with the visitors coming to see Him. It was here that Guru attained spiritual completion in 1973. Thousands were initiated to the spiritual path at its doorstep. Later, the thatched hut was converted into a one-room tenement with a tiled roof. After the Guru’s merger with the Adi Sankalpam (the Plane of Primordial Consciousness) on 6th May, 1999, at the age of 72. His body was placed inside a marble casket and kept in the sanctum sanctorum of the Parnasala, which has now been raised as a magnificent building, in keeping with its Divine significance.
(original parnasala)
Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru was born on 1927 in Chandiroor, Alleppey district, Kerala. His teachings followed the theme of a global spiritual and cultural renaissance in harmony with material progress. He focused on the aspect of the soul that carries karmic merits and impurities that result in success or failure in life. Through relentless efforts, great sacrifices, strong conviction and endless perseverance, Guru completed the mission of establishing the Yuga Dharma for this Age (Kali Yuga Dharma). Hundreds of thousands of devotees from different parts of the world, irrespective of class, caste, creed, colour or culture, have accepted the path of Karma and Dharma revealed by the Guru.
The Santhigiri Ashram is a movement embracing all human actions, spiritual, material and cultural, setting up the standards for everything in the light of universal love and grace of God. Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru, the Founder Acharya has taken into consideration the human prospects in all its relevance and potentiality for shaping the future of the world strictly in accordance with the grace and Will of God for which strict adherence to Yuga Dharma is one among the important pre-requisites. The main activities of the Ashramam includes Annadhanam which is one of Sri Karunakara Guru’s objectives was to feed the poor and to this effect the ashram offers an Annadhanam or gifting of food, at their various centers, to people from the lower economic strata. Athurasevanam or care of the ailing is another activity that is a supporting function to the Guru’s vision. The ashram performs this function through a chain of Ayurvedic research centers, hospitals, onsite and offsite health care programs and camps and social research. Another activity is the Athmabodhanam or spiritual awakening. The awakening is at two levels – rational and transcendental; the former focuses on elimination of ignorance while the latter focuses on knowledge of reality. Another is Economic development which as a part of the vision of a revitalized life, the ashram focuses and with an emphasis on trade skills and support for women and cottage industry programs.
A holistic healthcare doctrine propounded by Guru (Nava Arogya Dharma Siddhantham) has resulted in the revival of the traditional Indians systems of medicine — Ayurveda and Siddha. The Healthcare Division runs a chain of treatment centers and hospitals across India and overseas, besides medical colleges, a research centre for Ayurveda and Siddha and a modern Ayurveda and Siddha medicine manufacturing plant.
The main Ashram at Pothencode is spread over 100 acres, comprising a ‘Prarthanalayam’ (Prayer Hall), Parnasala (Guru’s Abode), Sahakarana Mandiram (Shrine of Togetherness), kitchen, dining hall, work centers and accommodation facilities for more than 1500 inmates.
Today, as predicted by Guru, His guidance continues to emanate through His foremost disciple, Shishyapoojitha Janani Amritha Jnana Thapaswini, to anyone who seeks it. The guidance of Guru acts as a corrective force, removing the inherent ‘karmic’ and other infirmities in an individual ‘jeeva’ (soul, life-force), aiding its journey to the ultimate destination – the Supreme.Guru had assured the ‘parampara’ that a spiritually enlightened soul will always guide it as the ‘Gurusthaneeya’ (Guru Apparent).Guru is manifesting his will and guidance through the Shishyapoojitha. The Prayer Hall is the most sacred place at Santhigiri Ashram where devotees can pray and chant the ‘Akhanda Namam’ round the clock. The timings of worship (aradhana) correspond to eight ‘yamasandhi’ (turns of day). These are: 3 a.m., 6 a.m. (varies according to sunrise), 9 a.m., noon, 3 p.m., 6 p.m. (varies according to sunset), 9 p.m., and midnight. There are two additional prayers at 5 a.m. and 5 p.m.

dear friends,
this post is something about the truth that the entire humankind shall unwrap soon…
it is the light of this truth that is going to wipe away the darkness of ignorance of this world …
may be you are not able to follow this completely but I am sure something will strike your mind, at least  someone,s mind….
ANYBODY can visit the sacred place  and understand what it is all about…please keep in mind that this is not about one of  the various temples or swamis or saints that we see around…this is unique
how to reach ashram:-
    Santhigiri Ashram is situated on a beautiful hillock, 24 Kms. away from Trivandrum city, capital of Kerala, South India. Government buses and private taxies are available to reach Ashram.
    The address is Santhigiri Ashram,
P.O. Koliakode,
Via. Venjarammod (Pothenkode),
Trivandrum- 695607, Kerala, India.
Tel No. +91 471 419313 or 419056
Fax No.+91 471 419076,
e-mail :'s%20Feedback...
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Reading just a hobby???

The word hobby would be too small a word to describe such a great art-reading!

 The word would suit the art of reading in many contexts but there are a few exceptions.

Reading is not only about time pass or a mode of seeking knowledge but a great relief, a short escapism from the reality! According to me at the least

Yep! Particularly when the world around you, irritates you.

Just think of this, the crowd around you is screaming at you. screaming in the sense…like,
perhaps they want your attention but you don’t seem to like that.
perhaps they want to tell you that you should be with them and your path is wrong, but actually you are not interested for you don’t want to be with them and you know your path is right.

you are literally exhausting and dying because of that bedlam of yells .you are not able to take it anymore, the anger is gradually waking up for they have irritated u enough and the good mood of you is going to sleep for you are captivated.

So friends before your provoked mind commands anything to you or if you are wondering about what could be done at such an instance, think,

What other idea than opening a book and slipping away to another world can be the ultimate retaliation and the ultimate escape? Brilliant isn’t it???

The idea that satisfies both anger and sadness.

Now, It’s a kinda “bunking off” so don’t take anything with you but just grab the hands of ‘concentration’ with you.

As you run way, you can hear those sick people still irritating you but their voices are fading now for you are far away from them, now please show your victorious grin

And far away they continue to provoke you because you are physically present but you know you are mentally vanished!

Writers are great,blessed specially by the god, mortal gods as I would like to call them for they create fantasy worlds with mere pens, a world invisible yet beautiful when our Imagination ignites life in those worlds!

Books are nothing but mobile worlds,each different from another,and you have great choices...aint it a boon for a  refugee???
So now when you reach another world you start the journey, where you are invisible to the people in those worlds! you watch them,dream about what you would have done

if you were in that ,altogether u enjoy it.Those people make you laugh, cry……. Ya kind of roller coaster drive through emotions

And as the end nears a tear trickles down your cheeks (I do get them !), you think “alas its all over, a beautiful world wish I could stay longer……. ,forever”

but impossible!(wait, but they say nothing is impossible right??? I doubt it now!)

Well you wouldn’t have felt so if you consider reading as just a hobby. hope I made my part clear

And if any book bores you,don’t worry here alone, refugees always have multiple choices as I told you………

Provided that it doesn’t take long to reach there

And the situation becomes pathetic, when you want to go to another world but the distance is too long or time is very less,or you are midway through!

At last its time to wake up and stop this ‘journey’…

now walk back slowly to the reality.

you can smile now for there would be peace because either the crowd must have died literally or they might have calmed down ,

if not, come on take another journey!

So cannot imagine a world with out books no?

Well but one thing, like books to some to some , arts, music and color may be for others…..

But all I want to say is that I hate the idea of calling reading as mere hobby…….. it is the best gift god has given us, a boon and much more…….

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sitting near the window enjoying the rhythm of the rain and watching the droplets tickling everything it touches, it’s a kind of cooling effect to eyes and mind and something more
i find varying reactions or emotions towards a sudden shower
Here I can see fallen faces of many kids. The intrusion of the rain
had stopped their interesting game.
Also people are running towards their terrace to save their clothes from attack of the rain. and some here are cursing the rain so bad of them cuz they do the same even if it were sunny.

( crazy people!
why don’t you stick to one thing????).And some are enjoying a cup of hot drink ,watching the rain. Most of them are happy and enjoying the poor clouds weeping! I still am trying to find out their pain, the reasons for their tears. bet they are not intenser than mine!
And some people like me feel very melancholic at this weather.seriously I dont know why I had fallen in love with that word ever since I knew it
Its like that word is made only for me. may be sounding a little odd but truth is stranger than fiction!
Melancholic because hmm…. let me try to make you understand how I feel during some special rainy days (and this evening is one such)
I personally find a rainy evening is a very very apt time to miss somebody. That too not a close friend but somebody you don’t even know! yep,like a stranger you saw in train, peering eyes in a crowd,a smiling face that made you think “who was that?”,somebody who was wandering in the streets with an air of mystery and so on
And its also a good time to open up my casket of worries. actually even if we don’t wanna open it, before anything could be done we shall be hypnotized by the power of the rain and it shall leave us inactive to protest. we cant do it as easily as we argue with our mom!
But that’s nice. its then we understand it is not the gravitational pull of the earth which is giving us our weight ,but its the loads and loads of worries within us that is the reason for that!
Believe me we can float when it’s like raining directly towards our heart washing away all the worries!
Fine fine…..i know what you are thinking
This is beyond the limit of being fictious! but you know what?please blame it on your poor imagining capacity.yep I am rude!
But not very rude, read this: actually its like, when emotions are at the brim of my heart, mixture of emotions to be precise, then that gives me a sort of foggy language……..
So where did I stop,oh ya, its like rain washing away all our worries …….
I wish if those tears could wipe off even all the ignorance and darkness of all of us
Let me give you a new born –somewhat a poem

“they kill, the destroy, out of anger out of looniness,
They escape, they hide
Out of reach,out of sight
The die,they cry
Ignorant people,Innocent people
Oh rain they say earth is blue
But we doubt it
because its blood red, everywhere
We are sick,
could you wipe away these stains
and gift us a new colorful tomorrow?……… “

yeah…….. somewhat a poem indeed, okay for a rough work I believe.
well now let me go back to my childhood…you know when I was young I used to stand in different poses when there was lightning and rain
wanna know the reason?????
I thought that lightning was nothing but the flash light of a camera, the camera of none other than god sitting up above and thought he wanted a few snaps of mine!!!!!
Ha ha funny…

Well you know I am always grateful to rain for taking me back to my childhood days. That’s really lovely…….
But Oh no……… it stopped raining  NOT FAIR! ha! naughty sun has come out with a grin……

So looks like raining of words too have stopped and its time for me to bid farewell. Hope it wasn’t boring?