Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sitting near the window enjoying the rhythm of the rain and watching the droplets tickling everything it touches, it’s a kind of cooling effect to eyes and mind and something more
i find varying reactions or emotions towards a sudden shower
Here I can see fallen faces of many kids. The intrusion of the rain
had stopped their interesting game.
Also people are running towards their terrace to save their clothes from attack of the rain. and some here are cursing the rain so bad of them cuz they do the same even if it were sunny.

( crazy people!
why don’t you stick to one thing????).And some are enjoying a cup of hot drink ,watching the rain. Most of them are happy and enjoying the poor clouds weeping! I still am trying to find out their pain, the reasons for their tears. bet they are not intenser than mine!
And some people like me feel very melancholic at this weather.seriously I dont know why I had fallen in love with that word ever since I knew it
Its like that word is made only for me. may be sounding a little odd but truth is stranger than fiction!
Melancholic because hmm…. let me try to make you understand how I feel during some special rainy days (and this evening is one such)
I personally find a rainy evening is a very very apt time to miss somebody. That too not a close friend but somebody you don’t even know! yep,like a stranger you saw in train, peering eyes in a crowd,a smiling face that made you think “who was that?”,somebody who was wandering in the streets with an air of mystery and so on
And its also a good time to open up my casket of worries. actually even if we don’t wanna open it, before anything could be done we shall be hypnotized by the power of the rain and it shall leave us inactive to protest. we cant do it as easily as we argue with our mom!
But that’s nice. its then we understand it is not the gravitational pull of the earth which is giving us our weight ,but its the loads and loads of worries within us that is the reason for that!
Believe me we can float when it’s like raining directly towards our heart washing away all the worries!
Fine fine…..i know what you are thinking
This is beyond the limit of being fictious! but you know what?please blame it on your poor imagining capacity.yep I am rude!
But not very rude, read this: actually its like, when emotions are at the brim of my heart, mixture of emotions to be precise, then that gives me a sort of foggy language……..
So where did I stop,oh ya, its like rain washing away all our worries …….
I wish if those tears could wipe off even all the ignorance and darkness of all of us
Let me give you a new born –somewhat a poem

“they kill, the destroy, out of anger out of looniness,
They escape, they hide
Out of reach,out of sight
The die,they cry
Ignorant people,Innocent people
Oh rain they say earth is blue
But we doubt it
because its blood red, everywhere
We are sick,
could you wipe away these stains
and gift us a new colorful tomorrow?……… “

yeah…….. somewhat a poem indeed, okay for a rough work I believe.
well now let me go back to my childhood…you know when I was young I used to stand in different poses when there was lightning and rain
wanna know the reason?????
I thought that lightning was nothing but the flash light of a camera, the camera of none other than god sitting up above and thought he wanted a few snaps of mine!!!!!
Ha ha funny…

Well you know I am always grateful to rain for taking me back to my childhood days. That’s really lovely…….
But Oh no……… it stopped raining  NOT FAIR! ha! naughty sun has come out with a grin……

So looks like raining of words too have stopped and its time for me to bid farewell. Hope it wasn’t boring?

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