Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The power lies within you.

Sometimes everything goes wrong. You fall. The world laughs at you.
What will you do then? What can you do then?
Strange as it may sound, but there still will be two options left for you to choose from.

YOU can sit down, cry aloud, let the dark memories obsess you, feel guilty, question your faith, curse yourself, blame the fate,  consider it as the end of everything like a real coward


YOU can stand up, smile at the laughing world, fight back, believe in yourself, free your immortal spirit to clutch what it wants, consider it as the beginning of everything, rise up like a phoenix

Which one do you like to choose?

The power to do anything in your life, lies within you.
you can let the fear devour you or you can devour the fear.
Remember, you are the creator of your own destiny.
No one else is, nothing else is

Thursday, July 21, 2011

To smile or not to smile.......:)

So The other day I was walking on the road, and saw one of my neighbours coming opposite to me. As she neared, naturally I smiled at her but she only stared back. I abruptly stopped smiling, looked at her, and made sure that she was my very same neighbour and I was not mistaken. And continued to smile.
But she simply walked way. I was surprised ‘as usual.  As usual because  this is not an exceptional incident, there had been a lot of such similar incident and every time I become surprised.
(now if you ask me oh girl! why should you bother to smile? I would say why aren’t they bothering to smile?”)

What will it cost you if you just smile? As far as I know we will not lose anything but on the other hand ,will only be benefited. But you know what? Smiling is becoming a thing of the past.
Today As such, we are already ungenerous and adding to that, we are becoming parsimonious even to smile!
There are this kind of people around us, who would either give you a disgusting look as if you are a  freshly released criminal, or  stare at you so intensely as if you are an alien from another planet,when you do nothing but just SMILE at them! (no am not exaggerating)
Some times even some of my classmates fall in a dilemma whether to smile or not to and finally they will end up giving something like a smile and sometimes they don’t.
At times they even give a blink-and-you-will-miss it kinda smile! Oh ya,its a fast world..:)
What is worst is that even small kids hesitate to smile-a proof that they are losing their innocence
I am just wondering.How will it be in future ,when you smile at a tot and it is not able to recognize a smile. it would perhaps ask its mom, mommy,look that girl is doing a strange facial gesture..what’s that???
Or just think how will it be, few decades from now, when a small kid walks into a studio out of curiosity , and when the photographer shouts smile please.
The kid would say what please??? Sorry I am afraid I don’t have it with me……..,or probably they will take their ipad and google out what is smile?and  google in turn would  give the answer “ SMILE- a beautiful facial expression, that homo sapiens could do till 2030s by fexing the mucles at the end of our mouth,but lost it during the course of evolution..
 sad and funny!:P

Smile is an internationally known facial expression.
Everyone, whatever their caste,religion,country or colour may be, identifies it.
smile means positive energy,something that is beautiful and make us more beautiful, a powerful tool that can rekindle our hopes.smile is powerful than words.(if someone yells angrily at you,just smile at him\her and nothing irritates them moreJ)
so friends, if somebody smiles at you, don’t forget to smile back (of course you know the somebody am talking about:))
Let the 'infection' spread in this world, in this world where people kill each other for no reasonJ

Saturday, July 16, 2011

who am i?

Sometimes in my sky,
The sun forgets to rise,
drowning me in the darkness.
Somewhere far, the dark beasts wait,
to pounce upon me,to tear me apart...

Breathing fear, forgetting to scream
I run,
along this narrow winding road,
this empty mundane lane.
I fall, I bleed

Who am I?
A blind butterfly dying in the dark?
A lonely loser without even a shadow?
The shaky stranger in me?

In this big bad world
I know,
I am nobody……..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missing my brother...:(

missing my brother..

How can I describe my brother? A really tough question.
He is like an unexpected shower in the hot summer afternoon, like an oasis in the desert, like a lullaby that lulls a weeping baby, and above all, the perfect boon not everyone will getJ
Things are more beautiful and clearer when my sweet brother is with me.
But he is in a different part of the country and am missing him badlyL
I miss him when am dejected and sad but worst of all, I miss him when am happy.
With each passing day, he gets dearer and dearer to me. But wherever he is, I love him tooooo much!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thankyou baiba!


Thank you so much Baiba for the “The irresistibly sweet blog  awardJ Truly sweet of you:) and congrats! you perfectly deserve it
The rules are:
1.Copy and paste the award to your blog
2.Thank the person who nominated you
3.Share seven random facts about yourself
4.Pass the award to 5 deserving blogging buddies

seriously,7 random things about me are really tough to write. But here it goes:-

1.I am a diehard MJ fan
2.I love music and singing
3.I love sitting alone
4.i guess I am a good listener
5.I love books
6.I like fighting with my sis
7.I believe in following one's heart.

 I wanna pass on this award to:-
1.sneha (awesome blogger)  
2. Kzella(sweet blogger) 
3.Peaches Ledwidge( great blogger)

4.Irfanuddin(brilliant blogger)
5.mostafa(patriotic blogger)
 wish i could give this award to all but i should obey the rules:(
have a great day everyone....:)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fettered Childhoods...

A couple of days back it rained heavily here. it was indeed a bliss because It rained after a long time. I rushed to the balcony to feel the cool air.
By that time, the drizzle had already become intense. I saw raindrops smiling; perhaps they were reflecting my happiness.
It was then when my eyes caught the sight of the cute little kid, my neighbour, with his face raised towards the sky. I waved at him repeatedly but he did not seem to notice it. He too was enjoying the rain, but sadly like a prisoner, from behind the grills of his house.
I saw the astonishment glittering in his eyes, the tot hardly three, put his little hands out to feel the rain and tried to open the grilles to get out. His smile had the glory of the sun at dawn.
But the next moment his grandpa appeared on the scene. He pulled him away and took him inside, I heard him yell at the little boy for trying to open the grills.
That was not the first time the grandpa did that. I had seen him chew the little boy out many times, once when he tried to pluck a flower from the pot, and the other day for feeding some biscuits to the stray dogs. I felt pity for the boy.
I recalled my childhood days, and how I used to play in the rain.
i was indeed lucky to have born in a beautiful village, to have grown up in the lap of nature.
It was then I thought about the pathetic childhoods in cities. Children are confined to their small houses or rather match boxes-like buildings.
They do not have enough space or space at all to play nor do they have an opportunity to learn from nature. Literally, a fettered childhood.
For these kids, butterflies are something that they have seen only in photos, tall buildings and skyscrapers are trees, as they grow and spread like an epidemic here. Their ears hardly know the sounds of chirpings of birds and pitter -patter of rain but are more adjusted to the drilling and other noises of a city.
In a way, city life curbs the bubbling enthusiasm of these tiny tots to find out how things work around them.
Young mind is a wonderland where thousands of questions take birth every moment. Their Curiosity must be quenched .But sadly In today’s whizzing world where do people have time to answer all those questions? Thus, the interest gradually withers.
Yet it’s ironic that one of the reasons why people move to cities is for better educational facilities. The thing is that education is not something that happens within the four walls of a room.
When these children grow up, losing their true childhood, like machines among machines, and tomorrow boast about how many friends they have in FB and about defeating the enemies in their videos games and about how they love their Ipads, and miss their Ipods, I just tremble at the thought of  the future generations! I guess they wont have a childhood at all, even to lose!