Friday, August 20, 2010


"The road is long

i am a lonely song

oh breeze, take me far...

to the farthest star"

Sunday, August 8, 2010


She was like the leaf that refused to dance with her pals with the rhythm of the wind
While others admired the beauty of the rose, it was the thorns, which caught her attention.
Nobody knew that.
I like to call her “the lonely tear”
Her journey started like any other one, with a flock…
She wanted to talk with them but nobody bothered to listen.
She wanted to oppose the wrong, but courage betrayed her .
she got irritated.
But her heart said that all was goanna be fine but mind asked her to change the track
Then she stopped, others went away…..nobody noticed that she was missing
Now She was alone and confused. confused because there arose a dilemma
“Was it her heart’s words that all she needs or was it the minds words that she should heed.
In the battle mind won.
she started building her own world, and she got hypnotized by the solitude that her world offered
Days died one by one and soon she got used to the eerie world. Eerie, only to others. As she walked on, she could hear somebody shouting her to come back
However, she pretended to be deaf. Because by then her world amazed her and she wanted to move on!

One day the lonely tear cried……..cried and cried.
It was so odd that she did that
She should not have, for she loved the numbness of loneliness, it was a soothing pain.
She never regretted because she chose what she liked
Then why did the lonely tear cry?
Was she sad that her world only had
a diary, a pen,music,books nature and silence? No that was rich enough.
then why?
It all happened because of expectations…….
when she forgot how to smile, when she was at the threshold of something weird ,her heart dominated her mind, gifted her hopes.
Hopes which at last turned out to be some bloody broken hurt her.
She now understands,”expectation” is a poison .
She now wants to get out of the inferno….
But she don’t want to go back, she is only wondering if she could ever get somebody to understand her to share her world
But whom she wants is just another her, another lonely tear. she is sick of pretending now
I understand, with confusions screaming around her, she is trying to talk but unfortunately, her language is silence....
Or is she a coward?