Sunday, October 2, 2011

Survival of the fittest...

It was recently that I came to know about one of my classmate’s motto of life. She said she followed “the survival of the fittest” rule. I was surprised and if at all I had some good impression left, of her, it drained off automatically at that very instant leaving a blank space.

Little did I know that she befriended people only for her advantages. She pushes around with everyone, even with teachers and literally pushes whoever comes her way , to become the first , be it in the queue  for presenting the slide in the bio lab, or for getting apparatus in chemistry lab.
She would be the first to submit any assignments and she often do a Hermione in class…
Seriously her attitude is horrible. I guess anybody in my class would agree with me except for some practical thinkers. (Well don’t bother them. Hmmm ..who knows ,these so called practical thinkers may even support terrorism. The ever increasing human population being the hot problem of today’s world that  causes geologic and economic instability and  decelerates the development of any country ,terrorism is a great “boon” and “solution” to decrease the population rate right?!?:o )

Well coming back to the topic, She seems quite proud to admit that she is over smart! And once said that she is ready to do anything for her education, that being her top priority…..
Now, the whole purpose of education has gone waste!
She justifies all her acts by saying that it was the problem of today’s world where one cant survive, unless one can compete and win and be perfect of all. And hence only the fittest would survive. Now that leaves a lot for me to wonder. i should say this is insane. What are we up to?

Let me tell you my view on competition .competition only reflects one’s uncertainness of his abilities and confidence and it further reflects his fear .why because if one really believes in himself, he  will definitelywork at his  own pace.success to him is always visible,unlike for others who runs in search of it....
when one is ready to polish his potential to the core he wont be afraid of anything and most importantly he would compete only with himself.

Today People are so very self absorbed and they are like “oh god, let them all go down in life” hey seriously why cant it be like “oh god help me to come up in life” at least?
Again, “survival of the fittest” is the golden words what is followed in politics too, world wide. No wonder the politics is getting dirtier by day…
Further this phrase was given by the sociologist Herbert Spencer to allude the theory of natural selection given by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, something what happens among the lower organisms, where the creatures who can adapt and are reproductively fit would survive and others will be eventually eliminated.

Now are these practical thinkers out there still trying to say that, this is what is required in this era? that homo sapiens should go back  and behave like lower animals?
Who knows they might even nod a yes! wowJthen that’s going to be an interesting irony…..seriously what has happened to the intellect that we are known for?


  1. I simply LOVE this post. it is so true... and I love the part about the competition. I am one of those people who competes with herself. and nobody else. I don't care about others. but there are so many people around me who are those nasty competitors... I have one girl in my class that wants to be the best in everything. and she thinks she's better than everyone. Once in sports my friend out ran her, and she said out loud WHAT? HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? I'M MUCH BETTER RUNNER THAN HER! and I just thought WOW, NOW THAT IS PATHETIC...

    I feel sorry for people like that... They have no life,no goals,nothing. cause all they want is to be better than others...

  2. A wonderful and interesting write, You raised some important issues, thanks for sharing.


  3. I LOVE this post. I couldn't agree more about competitive people. I have so many friends who are competitive and it ruins our friendships every time. I wish people could just be happy with who they are ;)

  4. I KNOW but im neutral here. i dont support her coz of who she is, but u noe to an extent, Darwin was right. sometimes, when the rest of society is selfish and self centred, ters no way out but to toughen up. standing apart may sometimes cause ur disadvantage. so fitting in & forgetting ur principles 2 a certain acceptable degree so tat ur conscience isnt affected must b used...

    tis is something i was thinking of yself. in dis mindless ratrace, its hard not join d crowd

    great post as usual, HP

  5. hmmmm

    being competitive is good but not to that extreme .. i guess healthy competetion is good ..

    and that line on terorrism well I ask them to not kill innocent people ..


  6. do we have to go all the way back to Charles Darwin or Spencer ??
    you must have watched 3 idiots, dont u?? so? haha
    maybe cox that friend of yours to watch it and new airtel ads too :D
    there is a lot of life happening outside the classroom nha?

  7. I'm back and I'm hoping to keep up with all your posts. This post points to some of our shortfalls. What I see from your writing is your wisdom and your search for deeper meaning in all of our failures as human beings.

  8. i don't think people can stop being competitive, it's just ingrained in all of us

  9. I don't know whether nature selects such species to survive or dominate over others..truly such ppl are found at all times and in all societies..
    Is this a more polished way of competitiveness which have surpassed the fight for food, mate and dominion , from the past ages?
    I am little confused..but we do get irritated with such pushy ppl..
    I have got a couple of my own experiences..

  10. Hi Haritha,
    Good to be here.
    I am here via Peaches Ledwidge
    i noticed one thing she wrote about you in her blog that brought me here and i found that a prolific writer from Kerala? is here.
    So happy to read some of your wonderful srushtikal
    very well presented ones,
    This post the life experience is enough to prove this, Keep writing keep posting.
    Do you write in Malayalam also
    Keep inform
    happy to join in
    Best regards

  11. While I agree that an unhealthy obsession with competition makes us no better than mere animals, a bit of healthy sporting competition can do wonders for one's self-esteem and personal development. We learn to accept our weaknesses and to make full use of our strengths, and we learn that while we can't win all of the time, the most important thing is that we try our best every time!

    Can you tell that I'm used to teaching kids? :)

    And my favourite comeback for anyone who says "The early bird catches the worm" is "The second mouose gets the cheese." ;)


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  12. Keep doing what you do, and im serious. Youre the kind of person who change the world and the way people think. I look up to that.

  13. Wow, that is wild! I was wondering if you could clarify something:
    what do you mean by "practical thinkers"?


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