Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This Emptiness….like the silence after that roaring rain, like the hush that screaming train leaves behind... 
This emptiness of that perplexing hot lonely afternoon,of that quiet cold cemetery …
Freezing memories that fail to lull me, that hurl Weird dreams at night, that make me squeal like a loon… 
the silence that follows, deadening the soul.
 In the creeping darkness, only ticking clock, tears and me…..

Good byes and reassurance then, now the Daily chores and this wild world, Still this emptiness lurks behind my fake smile….


  1. SAD.. it makes me sad when i feel this happening around .. reminds me of something .. what could have been ..


  2. Scary.....but why such thought of emptiness Haritha.....cheer up...:))

  3. Powerful! It's hard to describe how this makes me feel. It pulls me back to a day long ago, the day my son died.

  4. this is so creepy nice! I love it. brings back some memories.

    and thanks a lot for your comment :) you're awesome.

  5. Beautifully maddening! I just love your writing, the way you make words bring feelings and questions.

    I like this line "Freezing memories that fail to lull me, that hurl Weird dreams at night, that make me squeal like a loon…"
    lO l wBeautifull madey

  6. Extraordinarily great expression of emotions.. words placed perfectly, all comparisons apt.. the pain from ur heart is transferred to the same degree to the ones who read and ultimately that is the victory of a writer.. Great future in its bloom :) bt dont be so upset, cheer up baby.. You will never miss anything or anyone you really desire for :) Hope the emtiness will soon be filled up with colourful dreams :)

  7. P. S. I just read your comment on my blog. You are so sweet.

    This piece is amazing. You really have a gift!

  8. @bikramjith right....emptiness....part and parcel of our life.
    @fishducky thankyou:) good to have you back:)
    @elisa my apologies:(
    @baiba thankyou baiba:)
    @yvonne thankyou yvonne:)
    @peaches thankyou peaches:) wonderful to read ur comments again:)
    @anonymous welcome to my blog and thankyou :)could have visited u had you left some link:)

  9. this is perfect. wat v r all going thru at 1 point in our life or the other...

  10. sometimes when i think things can't get any worse -- they don't.

  11. The emptiness can be beautiful and relaxing! The sad thoughts when you write them to become tomorrow's cheerful.

  12. Very good expression of emotions...kind of sad..but great writing! ~Renee'

  13. I guess it is good…
    I would say it s good for everyone… time sent in the company of oneself is the magical moment that gives us the much deserved pause for introspection….
    But the question of emptiness…!!! Well…

  14. Freezing memories that fail to lull me,...

    It happens.. How long we don't know..but the void slowly gets filled up..though time heals all wounds, sometime it leaves behind ugly scars..the problem is we tend to flaunt the scar for long..

    the emptiness itself scary, but nevertheless there is nothing beyond that which can hurt us more.. so, after this allow the heart to slowly unfold the petals, bloom and then smile..
    take care.

  15. Fantastic haritha. You are not a confused teenager. "Still this emptiness lurks behind my fake smile…". Very deep thinkings. Hats off to you

  16. Cute lines and beautiful thought haritha..

  17. Hello.
    This is a sad reality for so many who wear that mask of a fake smile.

    Vivid imagery.
    You penned this beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. Much appreciated.

    The Sweet Voice Of Love

  18. Hello haritha..its a nice write-up!! Keep it up!!

    Thanks fr being there on my blog n leaving ur appreciation n love,means a lot to me dear. I hope u r there in our FB groups too. Tyrnaa join me at FB page https://www.facebook.com/InnocentAttemptsofCreativity to connect more...

    Will connect more dear...happy blogging n god bless U!!


  19. You have a gift little one. Don't waste it. Great job!


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