Thursday, July 21, 2011

To smile or not to smile.......:)

So The other day I was walking on the road, and saw one of my neighbours coming opposite to me. As she neared, naturally I smiled at her but she only stared back. I abruptly stopped smiling, looked at her, and made sure that she was my very same neighbour and I was not mistaken. And continued to smile.
But she simply walked way. I was surprised ‘as usual.  As usual because  this is not an exceptional incident, there had been a lot of such similar incident and every time I become surprised.
(now if you ask me oh girl! why should you bother to smile? I would say why aren’t they bothering to smile?”)

What will it cost you if you just smile? As far as I know we will not lose anything but on the other hand ,will only be benefited. But you know what? Smiling is becoming a thing of the past.
Today As such, we are already ungenerous and adding to that, we are becoming parsimonious even to smile!
There are this kind of people around us, who would either give you a disgusting look as if you are a  freshly released criminal, or  stare at you so intensely as if you are an alien from another planet,when you do nothing but just SMILE at them! (no am not exaggerating)
Some times even some of my classmates fall in a dilemma whether to smile or not to and finally they will end up giving something like a smile and sometimes they don’t.
At times they even give a blink-and-you-will-miss it kinda smile! Oh ya,its a fast world..:)
What is worst is that even small kids hesitate to smile-a proof that they are losing their innocence
I am just wondering.How will it be in future ,when you smile at a tot and it is not able to recognize a smile. it would perhaps ask its mom, mommy,look that girl is doing a strange facial gesture..what’s that???
Or just think how will it be, few decades from now, when a small kid walks into a studio out of curiosity , and when the photographer shouts smile please.
The kid would say what please??? Sorry I am afraid I don’t have it with me……..,or probably they will take their ipad and google out what is smile?and  google in turn would  give the answer “ SMILE- a beautiful facial expression, that homo sapiens could do till 2030s by fexing the mucles at the end of our mouth,but lost it during the course of evolution..
 sad and funny!:P

Smile is an internationally known facial expression.
Everyone, whatever their caste,religion,country or colour may be, identifies it.
smile means positive energy,something that is beautiful and make us more beautiful, a powerful tool that can rekindle our is powerful than words.(if someone yells angrily at you,just smile at him\her and nothing irritates them moreJ)
so friends, if somebody smiles at you, don’t forget to smile back (of course you know the somebody am talking about:))
Let the 'infection' spread in this world, in this world where people kill each other for no reasonJ


  1. ahh, this has happened to me so many times... I just don't know what is wrong with those people who can't even smile... so sad.

    I try to smile at everyone :D and if people smile back at me, sometimes it just makes my day :)

  2. A smile cost nothing especially to the elderly and lonely. Thanks for the post most though provoking.


  3. This post made me smile, and I for one think that smiles need to come back in style. Happiness is what makes the world go round. ;)

  4. I encounter a very similar situation smiling at a woman in a resturant. She looked at me as though I had offended her. I just laughed and smiled anyway. If I can smile, it helps me to feel better! I refuse to walk around with a frown on my face just because so many people choose to do so. I love life, even when I go through the tough times. I have a reason to smile every morning I was up and God has given me another day to live. So keep on smiling! :)

  5. You are a wise girl. I smile at everyone. If they stare I add a wave. Sometimes I just randomly shout out hello to people with a smile. It's amazing how they react like they have been caught spying. Love it. Keep smiling kiddo you have a wonderful attitude and i'm sure a smile to match it.

  6. great.!!
    i got an sms other day that read, 'when I was small I laughed less but there
    was infinte HIDDEN HAPPINESS.. As i
    grew up,I learnt to laugh more,to HIDE my

    we never know what the other is going through but at the same, in pasting a smile on the face we could make a delightful differnce..!!

  7. humurous post indeed but so true haritha
    so here r some smiles 2 make ur day :):):):):):):):):)

  8. @Baiba :) thankyou baiba:)
    @Yvonne thankyou so much yvonne:)thats absolutely true:)
    @elisa ya.u are right.after ll we have only one life:)
    @Renee thankyou so much for stopping by and giving me a great comment:)
    @Melynda luv ur attitude too:)you always make me smile melynda:) thankyou so much:)
    @deeps.wonderful SMS.completely agree with you:)
    @sneha thankyou snehaaaaa:)smiles for you too:):):)

  9. so right what you say .. as they say SMILE and the world smiles with you but in some case you find a few people who are like your neighbour ..

    I smile and say hello to everyone i meet on way , saying that most people do that here where i live .. it brings smile ot others too and seeing them it makes me smile too ...

    so smile a lot ...
    :) :) :) :) :)

  10. Your welcome! Keep smiling

  11. I'm smiling as I read this post, especially at that image!

    I'm always smiling. Even when I'm not having the best of days, I smile. It's my personality. Sadly, there will always be that sourpuss person whose negativity is plainly obvious just from the look on their face. I will still smile at that person, because my smiling face is what they will remember (lol).

    Great post & thanks for visiting.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. A smile costs nothing
    A smile is a gift
    Do not treat him narrowly
    Because you will be limited


  13. Hey,loved the pic.
    Smile spreads Love...
    SMILES...:) :)

  14. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  15. really nice ........... :) i enjoyed it a lot ayyo wait let first do this. " :) " .ya let me come back . i liked those lines " a kid walking into a studio and pondering over what smile actually means.......... then googling in turn giving a beautiful description..........hahahahahaha
    nice one :)


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