Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Onam!

Its  Onam!!!!
To all my international friends , onam is the traditional festival of happiness,prosperity,and unity to describe onam  in the simplest possible way.there is a legend behind it. check this out
Onam ,then was  a beautiful  festival that we, especially cousins used to immensely enjoy, holidays after the exams, the reunion, celebrations, the quest for flowers around the houses and neighbourhoods ,big colourful flower carpet laid in the porticos, the swing, songs, and of course the traditional food!!!wow sweet memories….. happiness and nothing elseJ
Onam now has shrunken ..reunion-has become impossible, few phone calls wishing “happy onam”,no great celebrations, a small flower carpet with the flowers bought from the market and instant food:(…
Well, I guess atleast the spirit is immortalJ J
and Given below is the picture of the small flower carpet which we made at our house J


  1. Wonderful post and the pics were awesome.

    Have a good day.


  2. Thanks for telling us the meaning.. HAPPY ONAM to you and everyone around you ..

  3. finally...
    once again Happy Onam :)

    that needed some effort, but worth of course...

  4. Happy Onam to u too..
    great pookalam BTW
    heyy remmeber mukul and sirisha??

  5. @yvonne thankyou so much:)
    @bikram :) thankyou bikram:)
    @deeps thankyou deeps:)
    @snake hey happpy onam!!! OH yes!!!! how can i forget?:):)

  6. Gorgeous carpet! HAPPY ONAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Onam!!! it sounds so beautiful and so much fun! enjoy ;)

  8. lovely looking pookalam...Onam is a beautiful and colourful onam wishes!

  9. Wow what I cool tradition. Wish I knew how to make a flower carpet. You get to have all the fun!

  10. Hi! Nice to meet you. I loved the post, very interesting. The carpet is so cute. :)
    Happy Onam!!
    Kisses from Brazil- Rio de Janeiro

  11. hi... Iam From Cochin, India Working in Campose, Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil in a Multi International Company for Making a Port in Porto de Acu, Staying In Hotel Via Park, Now I am On My Vaccation for Celebrating Onam, Will be Back In After 3 Weeks,

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  12. And happy onam to you too. I love your onam pookalam, lovely and very neat. Nice colors. Love it...

  13. What a lovely post. I miss my family in Kerala, I wish I could spend the Onam with them but I can't. here's sending my most heartfelt Onam wishes to my family out there. Happy Onam!


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