Thursday, September 1, 2011

The encounter with the evil...

 “come to me friend” urged the hoarse, but a strangely familiar voice in her
“who are you?” asked she
“the evil in the human mind,where we both belong ”
There was a silence
“why did you come to me?”
“To show you the way, to let you know that your friend is waiting for you.
Do not be afraid,  do not regret now ,I only want you to think….”
“something in me says me that I am your  prey”
“PREY????  How many cordial predators do you know my friend?
Do you know who you are?
You are the neutral, the dispassionate one, The subconscious mind of a human……
you have always intrigued me, 
you are innocent, you are pure  .But… it was always hard for me to reach you. very very unfortunate”
“Then how did you find the way now”
“ ah…how I love this unthinkingness
Well, I saw my fogged reflection in you , and the way was clear”
There was a silence and the evil spoke again
“You know how it is?  I can taint any conscious mind, why, your consciousness for that matter, simply, because it’s too naked. Too easy a task. But mine was always a transient victory that way, the ultimate triumph had always been my foe’s ” the anger glittered
“but you cant exist without the good can you?even the good cant,without you…”
“You must know my friend, the good and the evil exist but don’t co exist and the battle for supremacy will continue forever” the voice was calm
“ Like the yin and yang, the sun and the moon”
“ fire and water I prefer”
“who is the water?”
“I am the fire.i have that power in me to rapidly spread. Total destruction i dream.violence I dream.ultimate power I dream” the voice was booming
And again she spoke her  mind,
“I have learned, that fire is the purest element of the earth and can never be dirtied, whereas water can be polluted
You are the evil,polluted to the core…. so will “fire” befit you?”
Knowledge! One of the sharpest weapons of the good against me…..hmmmm I am impressed and my desire to infect you is at its peak, now come to me”
“why should I come to you?”
“Why? Oh you disappoint me again….my dear friend, The darkness has its beauty too. When that scorching sun wears you off, wont you search for a shade? What do you reckon the shade is?
Everything is. We are the world. But you always look from the other side”
 “come to me friend.why is the  delay?
“If good and the evil are two sides of a coin, equal, Why are we the victim of disrespect? dont you think that is unfair?
Fine….Do you know what you mean to this world that you live in? Nothing!
And now…..just a speckle of imperfection, and the good vanishes in you , whereas  a drop of evil in you, will make you a perfect evil..
Which is easier?”

“I am here, ready to embrace you. when you become mine, we shan’t be frightened by anyone for we shall be whom others fear .THE POWER! Come…together we shall sow the seeds of fear,hatred jealousy,violence,agony,greed and anger.lets make this world ours”

Moments passed by, her unconscious mind was still silent.she was thinking… as asked by the evil in her…. She could only do that, before the final step…
the evil showed a smile of satisfaction and was restless to embrace her…
suddenly and finally  the determined calm voice filled the air.
“Dear evil,    
My silence was deceptive and your words failed to be the baits…
I understand, just a moment of instability, confusuion ,anger,wrong desire and that was when my door went ajar and you came in,
But little did you know that The tree of the right and good in me cannot be uprooted totally with the tempest that you had just blown,the reason why the good wins ultimately.
If  You are the victim of disrespect,that is because you dream of becoming a lone emperor, and so you shall be isolated.
its nature’s law! good and bad are equal but they are opposite.
There cant be shade or shadow without light….
you forgot that when you rise to power even the good shall attain the strength.
THE BALANCE… shall come even if it needs wait…
I don’t want to be your slave. do you know you I am? I am the shielder..only that I am present inside…..within everyone….
With these words I am lulling you. Now go to sleep the evil in me….”
The sudden disbelief, the sudden devastation of the castle in the air and the sudden shame of wasting a perfect opportunity did or could only come out as anger……
“THOU SHALL COME TO ME! VERY VERY SOON!” shouted the,shrieking voice,spilling anger…
the girl woke up. what did she just see?hear?feel? was it a dream?  
Her wide eyes moved nervously..she got up and walked towards the mirror.
It reflected her.
Her reflection was smiling at her with strange serenity.
she could feel a change in every cell of her body. Just a few hours ago, she was that angry loon, lost in the tunnel, in the darkness, madly happy, eager to kill and die, numb with greed..  but now , now it seemed like she was floating  in the sky. weightlessness, peace. she was calm.
As she peered deeper and deeper into the eyes of the smiling girl in the mirror, She could see a big black butterfly struggling, wincing in pain….
surely it was dying….with its large fluttering wings on crimson fire…


  1. harithaa
    let me tell u tat i dint hav any idea of wat u were telling me of tis post and now i'm even more confused.....HELP!!

  2. @sneha snake thanks for ur honest opinion:)
    i doubted it.....hmmmmm
    okay this one is about the evil meeting the subconscious mind of a human body....
    i tried to say that a CONSCIOUS mind can be easily influenced whereas our hidden mind-the SUBCONSCIOUS cant be easily moulded,the reason why the victory is always of the good's.....
    finally the evil gets out unsuccessful

  3. I thought it was interesting and I loved it.


  4. Oh my .. I need lessons toooo ..

    Reading your article and then the reply to the first comment made some sense to me now :)

    very phylosophical post .. :)
    but thank god the evil gets out ...


  5. evil meets the good.. fairy tale :)

    Weakest LINK

  6. @bikram am glad to hear that:)yeah,evil will always finally get out:)
    Rachit :) hope you liked my version of the fairy tale:)

  7. THE first thing that flashes my mind – subconscious?? – reading this is the movie Matrix…. Did you watch that?

  8. Amazing post--it's hard to believe you are REALLY a tenager!

  9. What a wonderfully imaginative mind you have. Never lose that. As people grow older they forget their imaginations and often times become workaholic bores. You my dear will never fit in that category. Bravo.

  10. @yvonne:) thankyou:)
    deeps matrix......ya i have watched that movie....
    so?oh no i didnt pirate:)
    even avatar is similar right?
    @fish ducky oh my........ thanks for stopping by:):)
    @melynda thankyou for the comment melynda:) :):)

  11. Your imagination is off the charts ! , and that's a compliment :P

  12. nha re.. didnt mean that you are a 'pirate' haha...
    nice profile pict by the way....

  13. @search of god hmmmm guessed so:)
    @deeps oh okies:)and thanks

  14. Wow- masterfully, created!

    Never let anything in this world ever tarnish the inner you!Be all that you are and empact all that you can. Your work is certainly empacting me!


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