Wednesday, September 14, 2011


“Now , whom are you searching for in the desert? The folks whom you thought you saw with you, when you thought you found roses and sunshine? My dear fool, I can only laugh at you…..
Now look down ……can you see your shadow? Yes ! he is your only comrade now….. But soon he too shall dissolve in the darkness…
Why are you crying? This is not a world you can live in..
You dwell in a world where green papers surface over love and relationships are all about mere formalities….you realize that don’t you  now?
Yes, The perilous roots of selfishness and hatred have enmeshed every soul, their inner senses, very badly and here you  are all alone 
    Ultimately Whose is the fault?oh I know not…
 Dear little lamb,your innocence is your predator
    Surely this world doesn’t need you ,BUT hold on….”


  1. ur innocence is ur predator- yes sometimes it eats at u til u hav 2 give away....

  2. Really enjoyed the read. Wonderfully written.

    Have a good day.

  3. Yepp its a sin to be innocent these days .. People will do nasty stuff to you .. so need to wisen up ..


  4. Yeahhh hold on for a while longer… .you never know :P
    But virtually it is the self-centered and heartless that thrive

  5. Nice read :)Just uploaded your blog.. n saw MJ in slides n smiled :) Love him too :)

  6. Beautiful post--again! Are you sure you're still a teenager?

  7. "Being sad is almost always think of himself", has said the writer Anatole France.

    Nice post,Haritha!!

  8. haritha.. this is a wonderful read.. the undercurrent of melancholy is gripping.. but.. let us be innocent.. let us be meek, and not bother about what use we are made of.. otherwise, the world will be filled with more cynics..

  9. @SNEHA YVONNE:):):)
    @bikram thats right but the real challenge is to survive without losing innocence:)
    @deeps yep:(sad truth:(
    @shreya thankyou:)welcome to my blog:)
    @fishducky thank you and yes i am a teenager :) shall we meet So that u wil believe?;P
    @lau milesi thankyou and thankyou for the visit:) beijos!
    @adithya saravana absolutely sir,i agree with you:)

  10. Nice poem and blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. :) Your "About Me" description really resonates with me..."a girl who is trying to move on by what her heart says." I've been seeking to do the same as well. I look forward to reading more of your poetry!

  11. short and to the point...

    but we do need to carry our innocence even if there is little problem while carrying it.....:)

  12. so true. I love the last sentence. It's beautiful! :)

  13. something about the give and take between different parts of yourself that is very compelling. you struggle with existence but display a vibrant internal existence as you articulate it.

  14. Dear Haritha, Your posting on onam and your poem on self drew me into your blog. It is so good that we can write and have others read and respond to our words and our being.


  15. Well done little miss. as usual! :)


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