Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missing my brother...:(

missing my brother..

How can I describe my brother? A really tough question.
He is like an unexpected shower in the hot summer afternoon, like an oasis in the desert, like a lullaby that lulls a weeping baby, and above all, the perfect boon not everyone will getJ
Things are more beautiful and clearer when my sweet brother is with me.
But he is in a different part of the country and am missing him badlyL
I miss him when am dejected and sad but worst of all, I miss him when am happy.
With each passing day, he gets dearer and dearer to me. But wherever he is, I love him tooooo much!


  1. ya wish i cud count on a bro lyk tat...
    guess u luv him A LOT!!!

  2. I do feel for you, I have a son who don't want to be in my life anymore and has deprived me of my three grandchildren. I miss them too.
    I hope your brother gets in touch.
    Good luck.

  3. I hope your brother knows how much you love him.

    Lovely post, Haritha!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too:-)

  4. isn't it funny how that happens? I have two brothers and a sister. My brothers live in Florida, which might as well be the other side of the world and as much as they aggravated me when we were little I'd do anything to be around them now. Thanks for your comment. You gave me a wonderful compliment. Pics of kitten are up. Enjoy.

  5. That is so hard. I hope you'll get to talk to him or see him soon.

  6. oh, I know just how you feel :) I hope he knows how much you love him, and hope he loves you as much :)

    take care,

  7. so nice n lovely...

    loved this post Haritha...:))

  8. @ yvonne.thankyou so much for stopping by.i hope everything gets fine with you...
    @andy.thanks a lot andy for the comment.i am sure he knows that:)
    @melynda :)thats sweet:)hope you meet them soon
    @elisabeth.thanks for the comment;)i do hope the same....want to meet him soon
    @baiba :) thankyou dear baiba
    @irfanuddin :)thankyou so much!:)am glad to hear that:)
    @holabda it eill be dear friend:)

  9. Haritha you cute little thing you! Thank you for your very sweet comments today!

  10. he is lucky as he got a sister like you

  11. :) you guys are lucky to have each other and that you live in same country .. we live in different Continents ..

    God bless


  12. @bikramjith.oh.that must be truly worse:(thanks for stopping by:)

  13. Thanks girl those were fun pictures.. She is the instigator I just follow along cause I know I'm gonna laugh.

  14. Haritha!!!jus saw ur new google prof....
    LUVD IT:>

  15. just saw on another blog its your birthday so wishing you a very happy birthday ..


  16. Girl you need to post again lol I keep checking and nothin new.. deep sigh..


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