Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The power lies within you.

Sometimes everything goes wrong. You fall. The world laughs at you.
What will you do then? What can you do then?
Strange as it may sound, but there still will be two options left for you to choose from.

YOU can sit down, cry aloud, let the dark memories obsess you, feel guilty, question your faith, curse yourself, blame the fate,  consider it as the end of everything like a real coward


YOU can stand up, smile at the laughing world, fight back, believe in yourself, free your immortal spirit to clutch what it wants, consider it as the beginning of everything, rise up like a phoenix

Which one do you like to choose?

The power to do anything in your life, lies within you.
you can let the fear devour you or you can devour the fear.
Remember, you are the creator of your own destiny.
No one else is, nothing else is


  1. oh yes..never bother about who is laughing at.... as long as you are confident enough that whatever doing is right and have an unshakeable self believe in yourself.....

    Best wishes,

  2. Such true post :)
    I used to pick the first one. but later I realized it was only bringing me down and I felt even worse. so there was no point of that... Now I'm laughing all the time. and if I fail at something, I know it's not the end of the world :) So I keep my head up, and try again.

  3. You're right. Sometimes there are options when you're unable to stand up again and you can determine how you'll live with whatever happens.

    Thanks for the blog award.

  4. Smart girl. I have fallen, and gotten back up and fallen again. I have learned to laugh with those that laugh at me and soon the laughter ends for them. A smile and laughter is the most powerful weapon one can use against those trying to hold us down or back. Keep fighting kiddo.

  5. No matter what goes wrong to every negative problem is a positive solution and to be able to laugh is the best an yone can do.


  6. Maybe u got to be a lil more pragmatic and ask urself if you are ready for it …. Else go back behind the curtain n do the home work well, then the confidence n optimism will automatically emerge to fight it out… maybe so…

  7. awesome n meaningful post hp...i wonder wat inspired u 2 ryt tis??

  8. I love the post. Reflects what's running through my mind. =)

    By the way, I gave you an award ^^

  9. you are the creator of your own destiny
    well said

  10. Love the message in this poem.

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  11. Alright munchkin! Write! It's a good exercise for you. lol Plus you are very talented and should use your skill. AND I like reading what you write. So chop chop

  12. Nice post! Laugh back at them ! :P Give those snotty little kids a taste of their own medicine :P


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