Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I Thank faye,an awesome blogger for this beautiful award she has given me

- Thank the person who gave you this award
- Write a post about it

- Answer the questions below

- Pass it on to bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know.

1. Favorite colors: Red,black,blue,lavender
2. Favorite animal: I like each one for its own unique quality.
3.  Favorite number:7
4.Something you always wear with you and identifies you:                    hmmm. ..nothing like that.
5.  What’s your passion?: English,music..etc
6. Getting or giving presents? : 60% Giving and 40%getting presents;)        
7.Favorite day of the week: Saturday

 I wanna pass on this award to the following amazing bloggers.Their blogs have always served as a source of inspiration,happiness and much more,for me.

1.Sneha-( my classmate ,friend, and an excellent blogger)

2.Andy-(a wonderful poet.love all his poems!)

3.Baiba-(a friend,sweet blogger and an avid follower of mine)

4. Melynda (what can I say about her??an enthusiastic, happy lady)

5.Elisa (strong lady ,and a great blogger)

6.Yvonne ( zealous blogger and another awesome poet)

7.Jesayka (my friend and a superb blogger)

8. Deeps ( a truly amazing and philosophical blogger)
Have a good day everyone:)


  1. Thank you so much :) and you deserve it :) your blog always warms me up, just like the sun :)
    take care :)


  2. Thank you so much. This is super sweet of you. I've added your blog to my sidebar of favorite blogs :0)

  3. Congrats on your well deserved award.
    Also a big thank you for passing it on to me I will display it with pride.


  4. thnx hp!!!will get 2 it 2morrow 4 sure:)

  5. congrats, happy 2 visit ur blog .... :)

  6. Smiling...congratulations & thanks for the mention Haritha. I'll be back soon to claim the award & display it on my blog.

  7. Wow what a nice thing to say about me sweet girl! I am very touched to be sure!
    I don't really play the awards game only because I have received so many that I ran out of original answers to write. Plus I'm slightly dull and boring. However I will play to an extend. I owe Baiba one also. Since I will be in the hospital and down on thurs and friday I will answer the questions for a Saturday blog. How's that? BTW really think you are a great girl. Keep smiling.

  8. you are too sweet!! thanks so much <3

  9. Wow..wow…wow…
    Congratulations…! That’s a glowing drop on blue rose..
    And I m glad to see my name too in the list there, thanks :P

  10. Congrats for the award and i wish you get many more...
    keep blogging.


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