Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where did july go?

July, July where are you?
When did you come and when did you go?

Oh my god! It’s already august third! I simply can’t believe it! where did July go? I checked the calendar and yes July was thereJbut it seems to me like a dream,like a mystery
 Wait! OH! 7 months have already passed since the birth of 2011!
Wow! That’s absolutely wonderful if you ask me. Bet many like me love it when time flies.
The first and foremost reason why I love it, is that I simply want to grow up because I am tired of this school life and truly fed up with these elders.

Elders seriously have many misconceptions about teenagers. Well, I know everyone one has this idea that- teenage means immaturity and a teenager is neither a kid nor an adult ,but believe me, times have changed. A teenager is only a teenager physically now, not mentally anymore. (There can be exceptions however;) no no no. its NOT the other way round.)
You know,here, one of the problems these elders have is that. okay some of the elders have this problem. When we try to convey logic, when some problem arises, they chew us out by telling enough! now stop retrorting!you don’t have any respect towards the elders!
how ridiculous! How can they be always right? They forget that they are living in a totally different era. see even John Keats said that child is the father of a man J

I am Absolutely thirsty for liberty ! I wanna lance the various, stupid, restrictions with my fangs and drink the freedom. I wanna lead a life in my style, according to my principles and give life to my dreams.
So for that the time must fly and am Happy that my prayer is being answered!
So time is no more flying on wings but traveling in a supersonic jet! Yippee!

P.S: By the way, when did July come and go?? Does any one know?
Okay let’s ask her when she comes next year: P


  1. I totally agree with you. It's the same with the elders here. however, I don't wanna grow up too fast. I just have to survive my last year in high school and then I'll fully count as a young adult ;D

  2. yep, same thoughts here. cant w8 2 grow up!!!funny PS BTW!!!

  3. Haritha, you make me laugh with some of the things you said. i think I wrote a poem about being a teenager on my blog (".

    As a teenager, I was "kinda" like you, impatient to taste "real" freedom or what seems to be. The elders didn't seem to make sense anymore, and in some cases it was true. They had forgotten what a being teenager was or felt like. Hang in there. You know what I think about you. Finish school and then explore the world or life.

  4. July did go so quickly.

    I remember feeling like that a few years ago. It does feel nice when school's over ;)

  5. Instead of when, maybe we need to ask where did july go??? Ha?
    Where is time going anyway?
    Niways… flying time means one thing for sure, you will soon be one of those elders to preach the dos n donts :P

  6. As "An Elder" I think youngsters should stay that way as long as they can before the worries of the world comes their way,
    By the way July came after June and before August,


  7. yesss....July came after June n before August...and btw where were you, that you didn't met youngsters will never value the time....:P


  8. @baiba :)
    @sneha thanks snake:)
    @peaches thankyou peaches:) i will check out your poem soon:)
    @deeps:) yep its right
    @yvonne very funny:)
    @irfan hmmmm not so funny:)

  9. Hey sweet girl. I remember being where you are. I understand what the others are saying too. It's hard wanting, reaching for that independence and yet being denied the opportunity to fly.
    One day though you will miss the innocence of school days. You will look back and want that time back. Please don't grow up to soon. It's not all it's cracked up to be sweet girl. It's just really not that fun.

  10. Hey girl. I answered your questions and gave a little push for your blog today. Hope it generates a bit of traffic for you. Have a great day!

  11. I am visiting on the advice of Melynda. I like it here, think I will stay a while. However, I will confess that I don't like time to zoom by, but that might be because I am getting old so fast these days. The desire for freedom you have is normal, as is the desire of the adults in your life to keep you a kid as long as possible. And I think if they were totally honest with themselves, the 'elders' you speak of would realize they really don't know it all...or even most of it, haha.

  12. Shut up and go to your room, young lady.

  13. Like ape2016, I am also visiting here because of Melynda. You're still a kid & you don't know what happened to July? I'm 76 & I seem to have misplaced 2002 through 2011! I'll be back but I probably (maybe) won't comment a lot.


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