Thursday, August 11, 2011

When it rains....

Hello everyone! Now, before I start I want you all to imagine this

It’s a Friday evening. you are alone at your house. Its raining heavily outside, the sky is all dark with the big black clouds. you are lying on your divan  which is near to the window, facing the skythe curtains are all flying so is your hair.  In that dark evening, you lie there cuddling your pillow. You are reading a book listening to your favourite melody number in your iPod, occasionally sipping the hot cappuccino.
There is a cool breeze that chills both your body and mind, lightning and thunder, smileys and names on the frosted window glass, the inexpressible joy that enwraps your heart.. Altogether a romantic, melancholic, nostalgic, happy feeling runs through you
WOW!!! This- is- called- HEAVEN!!!
I love rain .well who doesn’t???
When it rains, of course it’s my childhood days, that come running to my mind.As I have told you in my previous posts, we lived in a traditional mansion there in Kerala.
when it rained it used to be such a pleasure to listen to the raindrops rapping the roofs. there always was a rhythmic pattern for that .that was because the roofing of such houses  are  actually done with red brick tiles… And I still remember how me and my sis used to play in the rain ,making paper boats and screaming along with the thunder.
And we have a big temple tank just in front of our house in my hometown and the sight of the tank getting filled with the rain water is another beautiful sight I would die for to see. The transparency of the water will just astonish can see a picture of the tank here:_
The house you see on the opposite bank is my cousin's and ours was just behind it:)

The water level usually reaches a dangerous point during the monsoon. I still remember the day when I was young and went for a swim in one of the rainy days with my sis and cousins nearly drowned! It was really scary! But truly awesom

There it rained continuously without a break. If it stopped in between, we used to run   towards the small trees in front of our house. with our little hands half hugging the little trees, we used to shake them with all our strength and what a bliss it was to feel the tiny raindrops on our face! We used to walk bare footed on the wet grass and the damp soil and have never felt it yucky because it just cannot be!:)

starting from the black clouds, petrichor,rainbows, everything about rain was so special... oh how I miss them all now……Lhere it doesn’t even rain properly! SeriouslyL
Whether little Johnny wanted to play or not, the monsoon hits Kerala, on time, every time.but here it simply wont rain. guess the clouds here are a lot more happier, otherwise why aren’t they crying?;(:P


  1. yup clouds of chennai r sure lot happier than their frndz in kerala. i luv d pic.....&d scene u jus told us 2 imagine:)

  2. you have described it so beautifully and I love rain, Especially warm summer rain. However, it has been raining for weeks now and it's cold, so I start not liking it that much anymore ;D

    btw, that place in last picture looks gorgeous! :)

  3. Wonderfully descriptive and a joy to read.


  4. The magic of rain and childhood. Who could ask for more? Well done missy. I don't know if it's the rain you miss so much as those magic moments at home with your family and play. It's one of the reasons we elders tell children to slow down and not rush to adulthood so fast. Once in this world it is hard to step back to the other side.

  5. it's wonderfull rain, I'm feeling it..:)

  6. Hello.
    What wonderful memories you have.

    My brothers, sisters, cousins & I used to dance & play in the rain when we were younger...guess we've outgrown that now. I do love how everything smells so fresh after a good rainstorm though.

    Your cousin's house by the lake...what a view!

    Wonderful story, Haritha.
    Thanks for sharing & for the visit too.

  7. Beautifully written--you are a true poet!!

  8. Yes,the view of your cousin's house is beautiful and your story brought me to my childhood days too when I used to play in the play. I like the description.

  9. this took me back to my childhood as well, when I used to sit on my balcony and look at the rain as hours would pass by. it's really relaxing.

  10. The breeze and winds, murmur of thundering, stealthy lightening, over cast weather, peeking sun…it hardly takes a wind’s touch for the sky to burst open…rain can make everyone a poet…buutttt… not that funny when you got to reach office fully drenched and late…oops… it s been incessant last couple of days…everything in excess is bad you see...

  11. thank you all for such great comments!i am so glad to share my sweet memories with you:)

  12. Just lovely. I can visualize it all with your words and I smile to think of you as a child hugging and shaking trees. I never loved rain so much as when I moved to the desert years ago, then I used to dream of it.

  13. Beautiful! I love the rain as well :0)

  14. hmmm... rain.. this was very nice to read... gave me nostalgic feelings of my stay in kerala..i always used to give advice to anyone.. no, don't curse the rains.. even when it is incessant, boring, affecting your routine, or scary..

  15. What a beautiful creature you must be!
    How nice to read your posts...
    I fell on your blog searching to find material for a literature lesson
    (I call it "nights under the stars") ...
    and I really liked the way you write,
    the way you express your feelings and thoughts.
    It's spontaneous, vivid and full of life!
    I wish you were one of my students! It would be a real pleasure for me to be your teacher.
    You see... I love teenagers... especially when they think and they show it! (OK... I know that they all think).
    I'm quite tired surfing student blogs... reading actually nothing!
    Do you understand what I mean, Haritha?
    Oh... sorry!
    I forgot to tell you who I am.
    My name is Flora, I live in Athens (Greece) and I am a teacher at the 1st Lyceum of Egaleo (my students age: 15-18)...
    (I guess like you... because I don't know what is the 12 grade in India).

    So... I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed my visit to your blog
    and that I'm gonna give to my students your post "Night Sky" and I'll ask them to write what they feel when they watch the twinkling stars...

    Bye, Haritha...
    Keep writing

    P.S. My e-mail (just in case you want to tell me sth)

    Actually I've got sth on my mind
    which we could do together if you want to...

  16. Oh... I forgot to tell you how much I love rain too!

    I remember myself running under the rain since I was a kid.
    When I was a student at the Gymnasium (14 years old)
    my teachers knew that if it was raining,
    Flora would probably be out in the yard running...
    and they used to shout: "Tell her to come in... She'll catch a cold" etc...

    I still love doing it.
    I dance in the rain (sometimes with my students).
    Once we danced and played in the school yard so much,
    that I was really anxious about their health...
    and one more time we went to the Acropolis
    to see the Parthenon under a heavy rain without umbrellas...
    It was exciting!

    Kisses with raindrops


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