Sunday, October 18, 2009

tear drops on my paper.....

life still goes on...
but i never lived a single second...
maybe i am acting,
acting as living

i never discovered the real me..
because my dreams never had wings..

i talk with them,i laugh with them..
they think i am a funny gal
but they never know i am a disguise...

they think i am crazy
but i am really mad....
they think i am happy
but i am really sad.....
mad and sad because i live in my own world of thoughts..

i never won a single fight ,
they feel i cant do it
but, they never knew i was learning
learning for a large battle

i feel lonely when they are around me
i feel like running away...

and i know at last
when i die,they come and sob
but i alone know,
that it was not me who really died.......
and now you too know.....
then i regret ,then i confess....
alas, teardrops on my paper!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009



respected god,
hope you are fine.i am writing this letter to draw your attention towards one of everbody's problems...
let me ask you why is this time running????
let it run no probes but it just takes away our good life and change it to just memories.......
why?you should answer..can it show the way back to my childhood days?
it just runs and runs and nobody knows where it is goanna end its journey.definitely i am going to kill this time.but i dont know how...
but one thing i must appreciate about the time is it heals every wound of our heart....
fine ...i will write to you again..
(you send the death chariot to everyone but not to time...
this is not fair)
your devotionfully

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

drowning in the sea of studies......

hi i am back but not with a bang.....little happy that i could blog again.....
the problem is i dont get is 24 hours study:-(
i am missing BARB very much.hope she doesnt forget me......
will write again soon till then take care
(please help me i am drowning in the sea of studies..................................)

Monday, May 18, 2009


what do you think I am afraid of????
Exams? Wild animals? Death????
Not at all .
If you promise you wont laugh,I shall tell the truth
I am afraid of that living thing who can live without its head for maximum 9days!
Yes COCKROACH………………..

You must not laugh and break the promise
That insect really makes me afraid
In my house there are a few cockroaches…….they suddenly appear in my room in the night and create a creepy feeling
Oh god help me..
Yesterday I tried to hit a roach ,it didn’t die but fled towards me and took revenge
Oh no,the moments I fear the most.
I feel they follow me……..

You know,my sis love cockroaches,she is brave enough to touch them
I am now planning to launch a mission.
You are welcome to join my mission
Let our aim be a world without cockroaches(ha ha ha )

Friday, May 15, 2009

for my grandma

This poem is for my granny, I am sure she will see this because she is within me….

"Oh my granny
The pain which I bare in my heart is killing me
Because you are not here and shall never come again
You walked away leaving me alone and you have become a twinkling star now
You float like a soft petal in my dreams and Your memories are sleeping in me now
And by every tear drops I shed thinking you, I water them
And the sweet flowers which bloom in those evergreen memories shall never die because I want its pure fragrance to spread all over my soul and make me free from all my sins…."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

proved it again:-)

Today I was in a mood to cook something. I sneaked into to the kitchen when everyone were enjoying an afternoon siesta. I flipped through so many books and at last I thought, I would make some cucumber soup and started the preparations…… cutting,chopping,boiling,stirring.really had a hard time.
when I was almost done I felt really proud and the aroma was really fantastic.
But when I tasted it oh my god i just cant express it....
Really awful!!! The soup was nothing more than some half-cooked vegetables!!!! i was disappointed, my mom had always told me no to do things that i dont know,but i would always quarrel with her and say that is how we learn something.
i looked at my soup again and felt sorry for the fate of those poor vegetables.
behaving as though nothing had happened i served the so called cucumber soup to my mom first.
thank god she didn’t faint.I didn’t compel others. everyone wants to live in this world right? oh!atlast I had no other go,but to dump it in the bin….Really sad;-(

Now I remember a proverb”TOO MANY COOKS SPOILS THE BROTH” But that is wrong in my case I tell you.Why too many, when I am here?

So,yet again I proved that I am a bad cook

Friday, May 8, 2009


I know you wanna, escape from this bloody world
Because the world around is killing you
So let me rescue you from this bloody world
But not to heaven or to hell

Because you will be captivated there too...
So let me give you liberty and I can do it because,
I am a wandering bad spirit, a spooky immortal
i am coming to you....

You hear the clock striking twelve somewhere, in the midnight
You hear a pack of wolves howling my welcome song very far
And you see moon hiding behind a cloud in fear

You hear silence in the midst of darkness
And you see me spreading like a mist
And I want to take you away, because this world is cruel

Now you do see your curtains flying in pain
And you do see you windows shouting in vain
And you can feel my thirst for blood too
Because, I come to you like a chill breeze carrying that odd smell of death

When I come nearer and nearer,
I know that cold shiver creeps you spine
And you hear your heart beating faster and faster
Because it shall beat no more soon

When my cold teeth pierce your veins
And when I suck your warm blood
And when you let your last breath free through your lips
You can see a content smile on my face,
But not fearful like that evil grins of the people you live with..

I take your soul away and fly very far...
But not to heaven or to hell
Because when tomorrow comes, you feel the same freedom I enjoy
And you too search for blood, not for peace to quench your thirst

Now you are happy, I know because
I rescued you from that selfish world of devils and demons,
From that world of violence and
From that ugly world that never changes……….

Thursday, April 30, 2009

oh no!!!

I am really sad to tell that i wont be able to blog for next few weeks,i am taking a break ...really friends i will come back soon but dont forget to leave your valuable comments for my posts please........
bye everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Recently I realized the fact that in most of my thoughts and posts, there is a little essence of death in them...
I wonder why?, but have a good answer with me. By living our short life we know what is joy, pain ,love of different persons, their affection and everything .
But in the case of death, we can only feel it once and we won’t be there to tell others how it feels…
So we are curious or at least I am curious to know how it feels and a little touch of death in most of my posts must be the result of this sort of thinking.
Are you not curious about how, where and when, our voyage of life ends??

Anyway, a fine day we ought to dissolve with this soil or sleep deep under the earth. whether it be hot summers ,cold winters or spooky nights or pleasant mornings, nothing troubles our sleep. that’s really good. But you may think. “Was it for sleeping forever, that I lived all this life? Very silly!

So friends one day you hear a knock at the door and curious to know who it is ,you run towards the door, it is then you realize with a shock that it is none other than the death.
But I tell you even though he is an unwelcomed guest, please welcome him otherwise it is not GOOD MANNERS….

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I AM A.....

I glide down smoothly from my abode,

leaving a fragile trace behind

making a way for others.....

I rub smoothly against her red cheeks,

gradually melting down

my life, a dedication to her....

I see death coming near,

no worries at all dear

it's all for her....

After a last glimpse of this world,

I slowly die in her laps

me a drop of tear............ .

Saturday, April 25, 2009


O.k. friends so listen…..
Today I would like to write something interesting…
The thing is you must prove: 3-1=1
No need of applying any mathematical concepts
But just prove however you want…….
Can you???
Well if you cant, don’t crush your brains, here it is….
First, stand before a mirror, so you get three things, 1) you,2)your reflection and
3) the mirror
Now subtract 1 from it. First, you move away so you have only mirror left
Now take out the mirror, you are left back
Thirdly, your reflection cant be subtracted. so that is not possible!
Hence proved….
How is that???
(After reading this ,if you feel I am great. sorry! to be honest,this is not my creation..:-))

Friday, April 24, 2009

Very funny!:-)

Recently I came across an sms which was really funny. here it goes:-
“WHITE is a colour. Do you agree?
BLACK is also a colour.fine
Then ,why is a black and white tv not a colour tv???”
What do you think?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

born as prisoners...

When I say we are born as prisoners and live as prisoners ,you have to accept it because that is the truth
You may wonder why?
We are fettered with the chains of religions, castes and creeds.
We are moving in the wrong path even after knowing that religions are like tributaries ultimately joining the main stream the GOD…
Why do we need all this when the same red blood is moving through all our veins?
Some may think this is silly, but I have hopes that at least one may agree with me……
So let us become free stand united as just human beings
If you cant, you are still imprisoned and carry on, live your life to die as an imprisoned………….

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In a dream world.........

Today my friend gave me a beautiful sea shell. I pressed it against my ears and heard the pleasing noise of the sea shore
I felt as if I was melting into the nature and was driven away to a dream world
There I was alone in an abandoned sea shore,
I noticed the sea was sad…..
I asked to the sea “oh young sea why are you dull?
The sea said “yes I am gloomy, it is a sad reason’
I said: “please let me hear that”
Then the sea told me that reason which was annoying her for many years
“I had been pulling the shore since my birth for playing and enjoying with me
But it didn’t answer my calls .the shore is really cruel to me….
My waves, unable to fulfill my dreams are going to and fro like restless souls.
What shall I do?”
I couldn’t utter a word realizing the truth and walked away leaving my footprints on the wet sand………..

Monday, April 20, 2009

another day ends....

Had a boring day today.special classes are really boring in this sultry summer.....
oh no i have hardly only one month holidays to enjoy with my cousins
really bad!
we used to have two full months,but tenth standard is really a turning point in every student's is for me toooooo
i should be more serious:-)

"here again another day ends
waiting for a new tomorrow, every body are fast asleep
but sleep cant defeat me ,
because i have miles to go........."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If i were a rain drop...

If i were a rain drop i would climb down the sky and fall on a leaf .

i will feel proud as i can reflect the beauty of the whole nature.

then i would look down where i could see a beautiful blue rose still asleep.

after that i would slowly glide down from the leaf and stand proudly on the soft rose petal, making the sun beams sparkle....

smoothly now, i will start tickling the sleeping beauty ,

who would then wake up and smile at me.

then we shall talk and make fun so that time will pass within a wink

But my life is short ,so i vanish gradually and my rose can see me no more...

oh my dear friend can you do me a favour?

please cheer my rose flower in her grief.......

please hold on...

Wow look at the girl admiring the beauty of the sky,really lovely and this picture simply stole my heart when i first saw it.
and what do you think???

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey barb you are a barbie doll...
I simply like you.
You are my cool friend who always comments my post
So thanks thanks and thanks
I will never forget you ..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To get lost in the crowd

it is a great feeling to get lost in a large crowd,where we feel safe. We can just flow like a brook.
it is beatiful.
But let us dont try to fly away from our life and get lost in heaven or hell.
every problem has definitely a solution.
whatever is happening is for our good sake only.

Monday, April 13, 2009


i have read somewhere that,the friendship is as simple as the relationship between our eyes and hands..
that is,when our hands get hurt,our eyes cry and when our eyes cry our hands wipe it.....
brilliant isn't it?
but one thing is true that friends are everywhere like autumn leaves,but a true friend is very rare like a gem stone........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i missed a butterfly.....

As i was sitting near my window,admiring the nature,I saw a beautiful butterfly on my window pane....a gorgeous butterfly i have ever seen.
it flew past me and sat on my elbow
My mind urged me to catch the tiny creature and my fingers obeyed the command....
i went nearer and nearer and was about touch it's lovely wings..but to my disappointment it flew away and away.....
i searched it every where but couldnt find any tace...... it was really unfortunate.
Then i thought "life is like that,we will get a beautiful oppurtunity and go behind it
but the naughty god(sorry god for calling you naughty!!) takes that away
but why?
to give us something better than the best...."
life is beautiful.........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

world around us is horrible!

Oh no! I have just kept the news paper aside…..It is really horrible. Blood, crimes, bomb blasts, everywhere……..I don’t understand what for, the reasons are really and unity is nowhere to be found....what is the remedy?????
yeah,"peace is the only solution for wars"

let doves of peace spread it everywhere...........................

Sunday, April 5, 2009

i miss them all

sitting here within the four walls of my house in chennai very far from my home town,
i feel i am body around to play or talk other than my mom,papa and sis....
of course a busy world where people forget themselves
a great relief is only my school....
this wasnt the condition when i lived in kerala...
the most beautiful days with my cousins what a fun it was!!!!
but now i meet them only in the summer hols... what a pity...
but, this imprisonment is a joy of pain for me.there is no other go...
the same routine life,but no probs because this type of life taught me the beauty of a silent world and the bliss of loneliness
but i miss my cousins,my chilhood days,my village and yes i miss them all............

Friday, April 3, 2009

the beauty

A touch of sun beams and the delighting tune of birds,
added to the soul of the dawn
The melody of the wind chimes revealed me the way to her-
the enchanting nature
The fragrance of the blue roses and the rain drops on the grasses,
the fresh sea and the distant blue sky,
The dense forest where sun beams gradually spreads unwillingly
the sparkling noon and the fading evening
who made the way for the silent twilight.
And the young night and the shy bride, the moon
gorgeous among the glittering stars
All and all…………… left me spell bound
Yes, nature shows oh god you are the best artist……….

Monday, March 30, 2009

you are alone

you are alone one way or the other.................
when you fly high in the wings of dreams, when you decide to make your dreams come true
,when you dont want your hopes to melt,it is then when you will realize the truth
you are alone........
you ought to welcome solitude then.
at last, when it is time for your soul to get seperated from your body.
what is left behind???
your shadow and the soft good bye of nature ........

Monday, February 2, 2009


i always feel that loneliness is a great emotion which add beauty to our life,the time when we float in our own world of silence. what a bliss is it to watch the night sky all alone...... or walk through the woods in the dawn.not many can feel this. i just cant forget the day when i listened to the rain drops for many was the time when the dusk turned to night.i felt as though they woke up my nostalgic memories..... the memories of some previous birth.really it is great to be all alone.

"Alone i dwell in the world of silence.....

free from all troubles and botherations

Alone i die and rest in peace

forever and ever........"

Friday, January 16, 2009

life is a rose

how can we define life?
i think life is a simple rose,because inspite of it's attracting beauty and fragrance of paradise there are thorns.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

taare zameen par

Posted by Picasayou will miss something great,if you dont see this film......


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