Thursday, April 16, 2009

If i were a rain drop...

If i were a rain drop i would climb down the sky and fall on a leaf .

i will feel proud as i can reflect the beauty of the whole nature.

then i would look down where i could see a beautiful blue rose still asleep.

after that i would slowly glide down from the leaf and stand proudly on the soft rose petal, making the sun beams sparkle....

smoothly now, i will start tickling the sleeping beauty ,

who would then wake up and smile at me.

then we shall talk and make fun so that time will pass within a wink

But my life is short ,so i vanish gradually and my rose can see me no more...

oh my dear friend can you do me a favour?

please cheer my rose flower in her grief.......

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  1. how beautiful! =)
    i sent you an email!

    love u!


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