Monday, April 20, 2009

another day ends....

Had a boring day today.special classes are really boring in this sultry summer.....
oh no i have hardly only one month holidays to enjoy with my cousins
really bad!
we used to have two full months,but tenth standard is really a turning point in every student's is for me toooooo
i should be more serious:-)

"here again another day ends
waiting for a new tomorrow, every body are fast asleep
but sleep cant defeat me ,
because i have miles to go........."


  1. you are lucky!! here the holiday are just a week!! that's reaaaaaaally bad :(!
    manu and sofia are just fine ^^!
    and about harsha?
    hey, teatch some words in malayalam!!

    love you!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments on our blog today! It is great to meet you. Do love Jack Sparrow too?! We do! Twyla


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