Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Recently I realized the fact that in most of my thoughts and posts, there is a little essence of death in them...
I wonder why?, but have a good answer with me. By living our short life we know what is joy, pain ,love of different persons, their affection and everything .
But in the case of death, we can only feel it once and we won’t be there to tell others how it feels…
So we are curious or at least I am curious to know how it feels and a little touch of death in most of my posts must be the result of this sort of thinking.
Are you not curious about how, where and when, our voyage of life ends??

Anyway, a fine day we ought to dissolve with this soil or sleep deep under the earth. whether it be hot summers ,cold winters or spooky nights or pleasant mornings, nothing troubles our sleep. that’s really good. But you may think. “Was it for sleeping forever, that I lived all this life? Very silly!

So friends one day you hear a knock at the door and curious to know who it is ,you run towards the door, it is then you realize with a shock that it is none other than the death.
But I tell you even though he is an unwelcomed guest, please welcome him otherwise it is not GOOD MANNERS….

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