Friday, December 16, 2011


The other day I was standing in my balcony, waiting for the one hour long power cut to end (thanks to TN government for this unkindest cut of all :D) That’s when I heard this little girl cry at the top of her voice…… I craned my neck to see who it was, for in our street there are so many tiny tots.
I saw a girl in the front portico of her house, sitting in the lap of her grandma. The granny was wiping her tears off and was saying “ amma ippo varuva paapa, azhakoodathu nee”. Meaning “mommy will come soon baby, don’t cry”
“Oh this kiddo!” I thought as her sob continued to amplify to a dangerous peak!
The kid has both her parents working who come back home late at  night, and leave early at dawn and she, who is about 3 years old and her younger sis, stay with her grand parents all day. No more a strange story.
This reminded me of an SMS joke that I read recently,which was something  like this
KID: “granny, who is that man and that woman who comes at night?? i saw them yesterday….
GRAN:”Thank god! So you have finally seen them!
They are your parents!!! Both work as software engineers.
Now ,Let’s celebrate this!”

May be it’s a bit lame, but I liked this piece of satire.

A sudden bawl from the kid distracted me from my thoughts
  I thought I t wasn’t fair to get irritated at the noise.   What else do you expect her to do?Dance with glee when she longs for her mommy?
THE naked truth is that kids are the most and worst affected when both their parents are working. The bitter consequence of practicality.
 I know some parents who literally hurl their little kids into some crèches or ask the grandparents to look after them. In newspapers, I have read about parents who forgot to pick their kids up from day care centers, in the hangover of dazzling parties at their work.
 Ask these people how they love their children and they would say.”I call my little one everyday from the office” or “I buy him a BIG cake on the birthday” or “ we buy infinite number of toys,chocolates,colour pencils, everyday only for him”  hmmm….so that is LOVE.
I wonder when and how, each and everything in our lives did become so very formal,So very insincere.
In the run to conquer money, time and what not, people don’t realize that they keep dropping,losing, so many things, the foremost being their kids’ childhoods.
Well one can’t even blame the parents completely for they need to work to make both ends meet, but its hurting to find them becoming materialistic nowadays L

 “ALL I WANNA SAY IS THAT THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!!!!” Suddenly, I heard MJ scream from my T.V. (I wondered if it was just coincidence or if M.J was echoing the lament of the kidsJ).The current had come at last.
My wait finally was over but the little girl’s was not .I wondered how many more minutes, or hours she had to wait for her mommy to come back home….
After looking at the little girl, who had dozed off by then on her granny’s shoulders, I went in to my room.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is that why?

Long long ago, on a starry night,
When a rain drop, from the lap of a cloud
Looked down and saw in the deep dark woods,
A lonely white withering rose, sleeping amidst the thorns,
And went with the breeze to touch her face,
And with his cool silver lips, kissed her weak pale cheeks,
The leaves giggled, 
The moon smiled 
and the brook was mute….
And in the serene silence, the rose wake up in shock
And for a moment, went to a daze
Slowly then shyly she smiled, and beautifully she blushed
And did her cheeks glow rich deep crimson ….

        So is that the reason why roses are red???

Friday, December 2, 2011


These responsibilities will tighten around my neck, asphyxiating me….
I would struggle in pain; in vain….
I would helplessly stare at my dreams, when they float like a fragile feather……Out of my reach, soon out of my sight, away, away and away….
This opaqueness, not of the future, but of the now, agonize me…..