Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why i love Sirius Black...

"You don't understand!" whined Pettigrew, "He would have killed me, Sirius!"
You remember these impressive lines don’t you??? Well I know it’s a rather bad question, because how can any hp fan ever forget these lines?J
When I first read these lines, it was then I fell in love with THE ONE AND ONLY Sirius black. 

‘Sirius Black’, a deceptive name I would say, because he ain’t actually serious or dark like the feeling the name will evoke, at first.
Sirius! oh words about him are endless-the man to successfully escape from the prison of Azkaban, a brave determined, Rebellious  wizard who never gave into his family’s wishes, who never became a Death Eater, who  never gave up what he believed in, who managed to stay himself in spite of the hard ships and injustice he faced and above all the most loyal, gem of a friend…

“Its been 14 years and still not a day goes by , that I don’t miss your dad” When Sirius says these words to harry,  am sure a poignant smile must have flashed on at least some of your faces

The relationship between harry and Sirius is something very  beautiful, which is another beautiful reason why I like Sirius. He is a perfect god father who seems to exactly know what harry feels and how to console him.  Unlike the other concerned elders of Harry (exactly, like the elders around usJ),who  tend to (deliberately) forget the factor ”teenage” when it comes to matters concerning him, Sirius seem to  know that Harry’s  feelings, the despair, the curiosity, the anger are all completely justifiable, as he  does not forget the fact that once he too had been a teenager. Exactly the reason why he suggests harry to indulge in adventures, like his father who loved nothing but escapades in his teens.

Sirius had always wanted to protect those whom he loved. Even when Sirius  was a wanted man, even with dementors around Hogwarts, when  Harry was in trouble, he  was desperate to help Harry. He was willing to risk,not his life exactly, something more than that, because a dementor’s kiss is worse than death.
I couldn’t stop crying like a small baby and my contempt for bellatrix lestrange was at its peak  when I found that Sirius was killed.(The most touching part is, when harry finds the Christmas gift ,which sirius had given him,after his death and   finds this note “use it if you need me alright?”And  he calls his  dead god father’s name again and  looking into the mirror, hoping he would turn up, oh but all in vain!:(

His want to protect his loved ones,is what had  killed him.He met a his death  while fighting to protect Harry. A brave death indeed  and a fitting, right end for him but still…. he should have lived……SIRIUS BLACKL
So that’s why I seriously love Sirius black:)
Now tell me, which HP character do you like the most??

 P.S. Did you know that “Sirius” is the name given to the brightest star in the sky. The star is also known as dog star, which corresponds to Sirius’ animagus, a dog.
J.K Rowling simply rocks!:)


  1. As I have not read any Harry Potter I found this extremely good. Excellenty written

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. y sirius??snape rocks...yaar now thats tough love. <3<3<3<3

  3. So your a Potter fan huh? As usual you are an excellent writer!

  4. Én is kedvelem a harry Pottert!

  5. I LOVE Sirius too! I also think that actor is amazing :0)

    My favorite would probably be a toss up for one of the twins.

  6. I am not into Harry Potter, but I AM into your posts!

  7. I am not into Harry Potter but I AM into your posts!

  8. kashtam!!
    not really into it oops

  9. I like HP too! and this is so well written ;D :)

  10. thanks for you comment :) I missed you too :) and I would say Ron is my favourite ;DD he's funny and I actually have a friend like him, and he just makes me laugh ;D

  11. I like Sirius too.. but Dumbledore was my favorite. He was invincible. Couldn't believe that he could die.. He was somewhat like a concerned grandfather to all those who read HP. Initially I was making fun of my wife , telling "what is so interesting in the kid's story?" But when i accidentally started reading the first part, I thought, it was a book to be read by everyone. So many characters, and each a glimpse of our surrounding ppl.

  12. hmmmm I am not a fan of HP so cant say anything ..


  13. A wonderful character indeed. The way he stood by Harry is admirable!!

  14. Hey, even i liked Sirius Black's character. I also loved Lupin's role.In fact I think one of my fav series in HP is "Prisoner of Azkaban":)

  15. SIRIUS BLACK IS THE BEST!!!!!!!! S.O.B forever!!!

  16. sirius black is the best man i have ever seen...loved him each time rowling wrote bout him in the book...and will love him frever...

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