Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do we need to convince others?

Sometimes when you have valid reasons for why a particular decision or say idea of yours is right, surprisingly others reasons for why your idea or actions are wrong ,too will seem logical. of course, if you listen to others with a “whatever-this –fool-says-is –absolutely-insane ” kind of  attitude or  with a “I know better than you” grin,  then you will never realize this.
At this time, you will find that your reasons for why you are right and others reasons for why you are wrong will nullify each others effect!
Have you ever felt like that?  Yes, exactly like the neutralization reaction between an acid and a base or
Like how the work done will be zero when forces are equal and oppositeJ
And in most of the cases when your inability to convince others ,frustrate you, that helplessness may come out as tears, anger and soon there may begin  a petty squabble and you may lose control and your opposer may end up with a punch on his face or you may lose a couple of your teeth,etc etc J
But listen,
If you truly believe that what you did is right, and if you can justify your actions, not necessarily with words, you need not do that mental gymnastics to find out reasons to justify your actions.
Don’t you worry mate,don’t let their contemptuousness affect you,
 because there does not arise a necessity  to convince others, as long as you are sure that with your decisions, you did not cause any harm to anybody in any sense J


  1. yup its all about what v think..& if v r ready 2 bear d consequences if anything is wrong, what's d reason 2 worry??

    ps i lykd d physics and chemistry application. haha. effect of studies dont wear off even in d weekend, huh?

  2. Most interesting, Something to think about.


  3. I follow the rule that If i am doing something that my heart wants then i dont bother much about what will other says
    Heart is generally right its the mind which buggers up things :)

    if i have not hurt anyone

    in todays day and age you cant live and do stuff thinking what others will think all the time ...

  4. Such a wise girl for one so young.

  5. So true! It's important to listen, but also know the truth in your heart as well :)

  6. So very true. I try to follow what God puts in my heart to do. When I do, I know it will be right. :)

  7. In complete agreement with you over there.. Well written.

  8. That’s precisely why we are unique individuals…no one is carbon copies…what I think is my perception of reality which need not to be others’ view…nha?

  9. I read twice and i agreed both times.. though at times we are not completely convinced about our actions in an argument.

  10. Its frustarting to convince the teacher that the project will work and I have put in extra effort to make it work, its annoying to keep moving around a girl just to convince her that you are the best for her and its devastating to convince the cantten wala ki bhai paise nahi hai.. kal le lena :P

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  11. Love it all. Please take some time to check out

  12. You better learn at your own expense, until it does not endanger others. Good advice can be given, but few receive it!

  13. I like to think I'm always right! ;D It's bad, I know. and when I'm wrong, I feel like a really bad person for forcing my opinion. But I'm learning to listen to others! and For now I'm doing ok :)

    love this post. :)

  14. Tough one- communication is like a foreign language to me. Everybody has an opinion and most think they are right. Everybody wants to be heard- and usually nobody is willing to listen.

    I like to hear people- I listen to what's coming out of their mouth with my ears, however I hear them from a different place.

    I can quietly listen and hear your thought or opinion and gain an understanding of why you think or feel the way you do- and hopefully the other person will do the same for me.

    In the end we both have an understanding of one another- there doesn't have to be an agreement- debate nor argument- each has an individual point of view- who is to judge ones point of view and say that it is right or wrong- it is that persons unique point of view.

  15. So you're a Twilight fan- I adore the saga. It is the best one I've ever seen! Love to hear your thoughts on the movie. I see you read the books!

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