Thursday, November 17, 2011

My granny

One never knows the value of his eyes unless he goes blind.

I realized this lesson after the loss of my dear granny.
everything seems like a dream, the reason why  I still am not able to believe that she has actually gone…
We called our granny; “ammamma” (which means grandma in our language).
she was always serene like a clear cloudless sky. she mostly wore only white clothes and always had vibhuthi( the sacred ash) On her forehead.
you can always find her room tidy and neat anytime you visit her. one felt a sense of tranquility in her presence.
she had a handsome walking stick with which we cousins used to playJ.
I still remember how cute her wrinkled soft cheeks looked when she smiled!
Ludo and snake and ladder were her favourite games which she loved to play in the evenings and she was an expert in themJ

She was not very strict but she had a special aura that arrested respect form everyone. She was a wonderful teacher, mother and granny
I had only lived about five years with her in my childhood.but those were  five precious years of my life.
I used to listened to her childhood stories and experiences, the hardships she faced as a child, with great wonder. At her time,people never knew the value of education,but still my grandma became the fist one to get educated and become a teacher in her family. she was a woman of substance and nothing less than real hard work did earn her the good name In the society.

Even today people around the place in my hometown recogonize we cousins as her grand children. Its with great amazement that I still wonder how she managed to bring her six children up, even when she was an employed mother, that too at that time…..

Sometimes god can be cruel and that was why we couldn’t rescue my granny from the jaws of cancer. It was too late, but she fought…
It was a painful sight to see her during her last days.
 i still remember the day when she struggled to open her eyes as a reply to our calls. Through her cheeks, which had then lost all its cuteness, I saw tears flowing down
May be the pain was horrendous for her, or may be she knew that, soon she wouldn’t be able to open her eyes again and  see us again…
Ah how I wished I were big, I weren’t  a kid at that time! To spend all my time with her…taking care of her, to do all I could to rescue her,to make her the sweet dear granny again…

Today she is in the safe hands of god but the truth is she is safe in my heart. It has been five years since her demise and even today I do feel her presence always… I find her in the people who know to love, I find her in the ones who correct me ….she lives within me , She is the good in me….
We miss you dear granny….

EC Writes
i wish elisa all the  best wishes for the journal "THE GOLDEN SKY"  about her son zeke.
Dear Elisa, God calls back first,the ones whom he loves the most,.... 


  1. yes haritha...i havent lost any1 i know so closely. so if i said i understood it would be overdoing it....all the best elisa.

  2. This broughgt tears to my eyes, my husband had beain cancer was was paralysed down one side of his body and the only word he could say was "Yes". He went into a coma but just before he passed away he opened his eyes gave our daughter the most beautiful smile then went on his way to heaven. That was 13 yrs ago but his memory will live on in our children .....his grandchildren he didn't know. You wrote a wonderful post.

  3. Please excuse spelling mistakes, as I said your post brought tears to my eyes.

  4. I bet she misses you too little one. Thank you for sharing your heart today. Big hugs.

  5. Lovely, Haritha--I felt the same way about my father.

  6. I'm sending you a big hug, Haritha :) This is a beautiful post, and I know your granny is so proud of you :)

  7. What a WONDERFUL tribute!

    I know exactly how you feel - I lost my grandmother and felt the same way. It's that loss you feel so strongly...

    Thank you for writing. I loved it.

  8. 2nd attempt at commenting

    Beautifully written--I felt the same about my dad.

  9. Thank you.

    She sounds so amazing. This makes me miss my dear grandma too. Beautiful post!

  10. Beautiful, Haritha! Makes me think of my grandmother, too. :)

  11. Wonderful post, so well written a great tribute.

  12. Our grandmas live on in our words about them. Lovely post.

  13. The grandmother may delight, I do not know.
    But still I remember my grandfather

  14. Got to say the same thing that snake said….
    But is death the only departure?? I guess if that was the case life wouldn’t be so difficult …

  15. Thanks for sharing that with us- Blue Rose!
    Doing so is also a way of keeping her alive!

    We have so much to be thankful for in life! Every moment is precious and should be valued. Make the very best of all your moments in time -Blue Rose - make them count! It is a blessing that you had the time that you did with her- all that she gave to you while she was here!

    I'm sure she is proud of you and watches over you!

    May you be at peace and find comfort in her contribution to her family!!


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