Thursday, November 24, 2011


“In the night will the silver stars glitter,
In my heart will the butterflies flutter,
In the breeze will I hear your song,
In my dreams will you float along,
In your eyes will my heaven stretch afar,
BUT I wont ever know who you are….”


  1. Oh, that was beautiful. Short, simple and so heart-felt. The rhymes were perfect and the repetetive structure of the line was really impressive. All in all, I loved it! :D

  2. Patience little one. You'll know soon enough. It's Thanksgiving day here. I don't know if you have this celebration but either way I wish you a day full of Thanksgiving. :)

  3. What a lovely piece! Those last two lines really left me thinking.
    I love the flow of this.

  4. Beautiful! Be thankful for today--& ALL your days!

  5. 2nd posting attempt

    Beautiful! Be thankful for today & for every day.

  6. maybe coz it happens at night, in ur heart, in breeze n dream...maybe hold ur feet down :P

  7. oh haritha!!amazing what u can do with words...seriously, magic
    & i think i know AND u noe who that is...
    not revealing more here.
    "Huge Fan" manassilayo

  8. I am sure one fine day you will know ..

    but reading the above comment it seems you already know SO what is it or WHO is it then ahmm ahmmm


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  10. Hello.
    Nice imagery & flow.
    Hope you get to know who it is, if you don't already (smile).

    A Sweet, Spanish Flower

    I'm having a celebration of sorts over at my blog. You're welcome to attend/participate. For more information, please click here... There are only 5 seats left, so hurry!

  11. thankyou all:)
    @sneha HA HA .Thats wrong snake:)
    @bikram oh!huge misunderstanding there:D

  12. How are you Haritha?
    I just passed to say "Hi"...
    I remember my promise.
    I'll send you my e-mail soon.

    Keep dreaming, dear.
    Keep watching the night sky...

  13. Hiya.. my first visit here... will be back soon.. love your work.

  14. I so agree with Enigmatic Soul. Simple. Beautiful.

  15. I like to understand what the poet is conveying-I don't want to assume - so if you have time , I would like to know your meaning of this poem;especially the last line.

    It sounds nice- however I really desire to appreciate it- so if you have time.


  16. Hi- I just received your comment- thanks!

    I thought that was the meaning - I just wanted to make sure! It's beautiful! Perhaps it will happen one day!! I hope so!!


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