Thursday, January 27, 2011

To my stranger

It’s a cold night and I stay awake
Thinking of you my stranger
We never met and we never shall
And still you  follow me…

Among every crowd I walk through,
Behind every blue roses I see,
Within the protective aura I feel
I know you  are there invisible ,staring at me ,smiling at me,trying to perfect me.
 You hide inside the soul of everyone I meet,
The reason why everyone has a common trait…
And every time I thought I found you, I never did
It was only your shadow in the dark.

 Its stupid of me I know
Because I try to believe lies when I know the truth
That we never met and we never shall…
But I feel you know the real me better than anybody else
 my silence didn’t hurt you ,my anger didn’t hurt you
because you and you alone figured out that,
 they were only born from my pain, my sorrow….

but my stranger I aint gonna find you
this fire of fear is swallowing me
and its time to turn out into mere ashes…
and do hear my heart screaming ”we never met we never shall…
that’s the way it is.”