Saturday, July 31, 2010

i love my ink pen!!

You know something? Like you all, I too have many things, big and small those are close to my heart
And one among them is my pretty ink pen
She is not just pretty but really intelligent too!!!
May be its sounding a bit weird but still that’s the truth
Whenever I try to convert my thought to words I think its actually the magic of my ink pen that polishes those words up to my contentment. I truly feel that!
I bet you won’t believe that..
She gives me happiness and adds colour to the serenity of my silent world..
I hardly notice time flying when I write with my fountain pen
Everyday I use my pen so long that, the moment it becomes difficult for her to breathe she sings
“oh dear master
Fill my tummy with ink
Like how your sister
Fill your heart with love”
So you can guess I have bottles and bottles of ink with me

I don’t think in this era there are many people who use fountain pen (or pen itself!) for them I feel pity because they are missing something sweet.
Papers with a couple of ink spills, hands with few ink blots are all truly lovely and today very rare….really sad:-(