Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sometimes this whole world seems uninhabited at the thought of somebody whom I miss the most.
Sometimes the silence and chillness of that cold night, the aroma of that old book and its torn pages, sedate my soul, evoking the memories of my past life.
Sometimes, those crimson eyes follow me wherever I go, like a bloody midnight moon.
Sometimes, curling up under the blanket in bed, with eyes closed give me the feeling that, I am on the safest place on earth.
Sometimes I become an anonymous to myself, in the large floating crowd.
Sometimes the thought of never waking up from my sleep, the next morning is simply amusing.
Sometimes your doubt that, “Is she a little crazy???”, after reading this post, is quite justifiableJ

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great Expectations...

He couldn’t believe his eyes….didn’t he expect this from them ever….the realization was like a sudden thunderclap to him.

He didn’t know how to react, worst of all. The room was spinning in front of him. He was shaking with anger, but he wanted to cry and scream.
He wondered how his friends could do this to him. He was losing his mind.                                                 
“I HATE THIS CRUEL WORLD!!!” he shouted at the top of his voice. Tears trickled down his ruby cheeks.
As  he flung his new apple ipad across the bed, and sank his face into the damp pillow, he was cursing his friends, his great expectations, Mark Zuckerberg  and Face book ………  still wondering why nobody had commented on his new profile photo or ‘liked’ It……….

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This Emptiness….like the silence after that roaring rain, like the hush that screaming train leaves behind... 
This emptiness of that perplexing hot lonely afternoon,of that quiet cold cemetery …
Freezing memories that fail to lull me, that hurl Weird dreams at night, that make me squeal like a loon… 
the silence that follows, deadening the soul.
 In the creeping darkness, only ticking clock, tears and me…..

Good byes and reassurance then, now the Daily chores and this wild world, Still this emptiness lurks behind my fake smile….

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Survival of the fittest...

It was recently that I came to know about one of my classmate’s motto of life. She said she followed “the survival of the fittest” rule. I was surprised and if at all I had some good impression left, of her, it drained off automatically at that very instant leaving a blank space.

Little did I know that she befriended people only for her advantages. She pushes around with everyone, even with teachers and literally pushes whoever comes her way , to become the first , be it in the queue  for presenting the slide in the bio lab, or for getting apparatus in chemistry lab.
She would be the first to submit any assignments and she often do a Hermione in class…
Seriously her attitude is horrible. I guess anybody in my class would agree with me except for some practical thinkers. (Well don’t bother them. Hmmm ..who knows ,these so called practical thinkers may even support terrorism. The ever increasing human population being the hot problem of today’s world that  causes geologic and economic instability and  decelerates the development of any country ,terrorism is a great “boon” and “solution” to decrease the population rate right?!?:o )

Well coming back to the topic, She seems quite proud to admit that she is over smart! And once said that she is ready to do anything for her education, that being her top priority…..
Now, the whole purpose of education has gone waste!
She justifies all her acts by saying that it was the problem of today’s world where one cant survive, unless one can compete and win and be perfect of all. And hence only the fittest would survive. Now that leaves a lot for me to wonder. i should say this is insane. What are we up to?

Let me tell you my view on competition .competition only reflects one’s uncertainness of his abilities and confidence and it further reflects his fear .why because if one really believes in himself, he  will definitelywork at his  own pace.success to him is always visible,unlike for others who runs in search of it....
when one is ready to polish his potential to the core he wont be afraid of anything and most importantly he would compete only with himself.

Today People are so very self absorbed and they are like “oh god, let them all go down in life” hey seriously why cant it be like “oh god help me to come up in life” at least?
Again, “survival of the fittest” is the golden words what is followed in politics too, world wide. No wonder the politics is getting dirtier by day…
Further this phrase was given by the sociologist Herbert Spencer to allude the theory of natural selection given by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, something what happens among the lower organisms, where the creatures who can adapt and are reproductively fit would survive and others will be eventually eliminated.

Now are these practical thinkers out there still trying to say that, this is what is required in this era? that homo sapiens should go back  and behave like lower animals?
Who knows they might even nod a yes! wowJthen that’s going to be an interesting irony…..seriously what has happened to the intellect that we are known for?