Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sometimes this whole world seems uninhabited at the thought of somebody whom I miss the most.
Sometimes the silence and chillness of that cold night, the aroma of that old book and its torn pages, sedate my soul, evoking the memories of my past life.
Sometimes, those crimson eyes follow me wherever I go, like a bloody midnight moon.
Sometimes, curling up under the blanket in bed, with eyes closed give me the feeling that, I am on the safest place on earth.
Sometimes I become an anonymous to myself, in the large floating crowd.
Sometimes the thought of never waking up from my sleep, the next morning is simply amusing.
Sometimes your doubt that, “Is she a little crazy???”, after reading this post, is quite justifiableJ


  1. we all are a little crazy! :) beautiful post :)

  2. The best part is it s just ‘sometimes’ ...... though these sometimes are what counts the most in our lives.... so what if we are a lil crazy??
    I see no wrong there :P life is like that

  3. "somebody i miss most" pls haritha not again!!

    beautiful read. & yes, v r all crazy, some more than d others. but d ones who accept they r crazy r my fav.

  4. We are all a little crazy. Well, at least I know that I am..just a teeny, tiny little bit though!

    This is beautifully written. I could see the story from your words. :)

  5. You write such amazing things. I hope you know what a gift you have!

    I think we're all a little crazy :) At least all of the good people are anyway.

  6. Hey kiddo! No I'm not mad at you or anything like that. I have been visiting those that leave comments lately because I've been so busy.. Meaghan had surgery, my sister had her baby and my mom was here visiting. It's been a little wild. So sorry. Wasn't trying to snub you.
    As for this post. We are all a little insane. It actually makes you normal. :)

  7. Not a "little crazy" Haritha. More like crazy, crazy (lol). I like your humor and honesty. Beautiful.

  8. I find that being crazy is necessary for a "normal" life--but I'd like to see you happy crazy more often. Don't take life so seriously--none of us will get out of it alive.

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  10. We all have crazy days, I know only too well.

    Thanks for your support earlier.

  11. you know people who follow their heart are often termed as crazy....and following heart is always good, so what if they think you a little crazy....

    very well written......:))

  12. memories haunt.. and sometimes makes us desperate.. But that is OK..
    All what you have written evokes little melancholy..
    that is where you win..It is hard to make others feel what you feel.. rather appreciation, this write up takes us into the mood ..
    good one.

  13. I do think people who follow their heart are crazy I am one of them , Doing my best to change it for those who follow heart usually get hurt and the ones who are schemeing and use brains always do good in this world...

    Thats my thought.. I try not to advice people to follow heart BUt love is where the heart is always that too is true


  14. I didn't get crazy from your post at all- all I hear is the inner you being expressed outwardly. Your feelings are honest and genuine. There is an old saying and it goes like this: be true to thine own self! I hope you will always be true to yourself!!


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