Thursday, April 28, 2011

The voyage still continues...

Questing for an island doth I move
On this solitary ship
But my eyes have only this raging waves to see.
This sea is eternal my comrade
Like your endless dreams.
But still the voyage continues

The sun, the spring
And now is the tempest.
My ship is capsizing in the dark
swaying, in this gale.
Like a restless soul pacing to and forth.

And now I am shrieking
Because I am forgetting me...
But the wind, like a hungry beast
Did swallow my scream..
And my tears are now
Lost in this sea

Where am I now?
Am I  stuck?
But my freezing mind
does not have an answer.
This ship has faded now
A mere skeleton
But in my dreams does the island glitter
Like a diamond amongst the coal

And are they driving this ship now,
Gently forward.
Are they like a candle light
in these cold nights
So the ship moves on and
The voyage still continues

Monday, April 25, 2011



crippled childhood,ruined lives and shattered hopes
This is all what endosulfan has gifted India

Endosulfan is basically an insecticide used to destroy pests and is primarily used by farmers to destroy pests which are harmful to their crops. The issue is that India is the main producer & exporter of this insecticide, but also is a member of the Stockholm Convention, which was established to protect the health of humans & the environment. So, as per this Convention, member countries should not use, produce, export, etc anything which is harmful to human health and the environment. Now the Stockholm Convention has tagged endosulfan as harmful and included it in their list of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Research studies allegedly state that endosulfan causes birth defects,cancer and is harmful to the male,female reproductive system .
The  recent study done in a village in Kasargod, Kerala revealed some shocking harmful effects of the endosulfan.
Other than India, apparently only China and Argentina are opposing  the ban whereas most member countries of the Stockholm Convention are supporting the ban.
Please follow the under- given link to sign the petition against have got 3 more days.

The question with no answer

I think, “Who am I?” Is a tough question.
The question with no answer or more clearly a question with so many answers but no definite answer!
And this is again because no one completely knows oneself.(well,atleast me)
Have a doubt? Ask the question to yourselves ;-)
Sometimes I really feel that there is a total stranger living inside me.
I have felt a kinda “duo” feeling so many times. like, sometimes i would be able to clearly differentiate between the normal me and the stranger me!
OH YA! I know what you are thinking right now
“C to the R to the A to the Z  to the Y!”  Isnt it???
Well leave all that.
Hey I really wanted to tell this to you. Recently I got some great followers!!!
Thank you so much!
And I have some awesome people with really awesome blogs! Some of them are SNEHA,AREEJ, D’ZARO,BARB.,HARSHA,KZELLA. ..etc.And their comments brighten up my day.
Thankyou all so much!:)
Well, that’s all from me.signing off now! see ya J

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The muddle of my obsessing thoughts (a) A blurry self portrait

(If at all this post leaves you puzzled,honestly that’s what I want)
Blue roses
Carefree attitude with a limit.
Challenges worse than the darkest death.
Cool breeze
Dark woods
Fashion- A part of confidence.
Friendship with no best friends
Memories of gran
My sis.
My Invisible friend
My perfect brother.
My diary,
My room
  My blog
  My pen
My Independent sensible thoughts
Night sky.
Own identity.
Pain of parents’ love
Rain drops
Silent tears
Should- Speak my mind,Protest for fair matters,Teach my aunt devil the meaning of selflessness and the world that there is only one god
At last, leave this world after making my mark and as a good human being.

Monday, April 18, 2011

dear brother,

My dear brother,

Until that day, when I was a lonely wayfarer in the never ending desert, crying in my heart, looking at the scorching sun, I never saw you..
Then you became a haven better than heaven, a reason to smile.
Then you made the blue roses of hopes bloom, with your brotherly love.
Let me shout this dear brother that you are the bestest in this wayward world,and this bond will never die.
I wish I were a song, so that I can go around the world to tell them how much I love you..
If there is only one life, I am contented.
But if there are many, I want only you as my brother.<3

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The talking shoes!:)

First of all, I wish I knew what actually ran through your mind when you first read the title of this postJ
Okay, so the other day I was arranging my books and I was totally surprised to see this small book called “The talking shoes” by enid blyton!
It was then I recalled that it was the prize I won when I was in kindergartenJ
I think it was for a singing competition…
I had actually forgotten about this book and was excited to see it after a long time. And you know what? I read the book immediately.
A small story about a pair of talking shoes transforming a naughty little girl.
Of course very kiddish but yet It was beautiful!
It made me remember all the  pranks I did when I was young, how naughty I had been , how all we cousins enjoyed our summer hols together,the silly fights we got into!
Now everything has changed so much… a busy world, where one forgets himself…
True, that sometimes the flying time fail to take the sheen off the memories we cherish….its really a mystery how some olden golden memories stay so fresh as if it had happened only yesterday!
Well, see how a small book became a reason to think about all this and a topic to blogJ
Thank you Enid Blyton!
So Before I conclude, guess what this “The talking shoes” leave behind when it went back to the shelf, all the more pretty???
Nothing but a true beatific smile on my face…. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

know not why...

In front of your eyes,
have I grown
from a tot to a teen
Know not why
now your love is shielded,
with your hollow fear and agony
Love me if you trust me
 trust me if you love me

Sunday, April 3, 2011



AND  finally after the long wait of 28 years, WE HAVE LIFTED THE WORLD CUP, WE HAVE BECOME THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD…!!!!!
After the Kapil’s devils, Dhoni’s boys have done it again.
No better sent-off to the legendary master blaster from the world cup.
India did not sleep yesterday. omg! How could we?
India really deserved it!such was the batting,bowling,and fielding performances of India throughout the tournament. Tough luck for lanka.
No wrong in saying that sreesanth is a lucky charm for india and what a bowling by zaheer khan!highly commentable although in the last over he was a bit expensive.
When crowd was shocked when sehwag was trapped LBW by Malinga off the very second ball of the innings,and thought that they were dreaming when sachin was gone for just 18 runs ,nobody had the faintest idea that a few hours later, they would be rejoicing and April 2 was gonna be the unforgettable day for any Indian.
After the two big losses, young blood Gambhir and kohili, rebuilt the innings as well as rekindled the hopes of the one billion beating hearts of India.
When kohili was gone for 35, came dhoni, the captain cool.
 He had struggled through the tournament and was evidently not in form, and hence automatically nobody expected him to do wonders and doubted dhoni’s move of promoting himself up the batting order to number 4.
But I really knew that he was gonna rock because he had always been my favourite cricketer ever since he entered our Indian team and he has this ability of peaking up at the right time.
From which other captain can you expect this?Clearly he is the captain cool.
When Gambhir was gone for 97,India still had wickets in hand.
And then came Yuvi,with determination and confidence in his eyes.
During the last few overs, when the number of balls and the required runs were the same, occasional fours and sixes by dhoni and yuvi eased the pressure off them, setting it back on the Lankan bowlers.
Finally in the 48.2nd  over, came the winning shot with dhoni hitting a SIX!
And along with the six, came all sorts of screams, cheers, applause, smiles-the moments of ecstasy, the moments of celebration!what a pride it was to watch the Indian flags fly high!!!!!
And it was indeed a great sight to see the Indian players lifting the one and only sachin tendulkar-the god of cricket, on their shoulders, and leading him around the ground.(sachin, you are born to play this game, you are just incredible! mwaaaah!)
Nobody could resist the tears of joy and it was great to watch the respect everyone had for our master blaster. No wonder India lifted the world cup for sachin!
This cup is the answer to all the criticisms that team India has faced right from the beginning of the tournament and to all who doubted India’s ability and performance.
not to forget India’s coach Gary Kirsten.He did an incredible job and Was somebody more than a coach to team India.with this world cup he too is bidding farewell.
Of course, this world cup after the long 28 years is like the rain after a long drought and we are the delighted dwellersJ