Monday, April 25, 2011

The question with no answer

I think, “Who am I?” Is a tough question.
The question with no answer or more clearly a question with so many answers but no definite answer!
And this is again because no one completely knows oneself.(well,atleast me)
Have a doubt? Ask the question to yourselves ;-)
Sometimes I really feel that there is a total stranger living inside me.
I have felt a kinda “duo” feeling so many times. like, sometimes i would be able to clearly differentiate between the normal me and the stranger me!
OH YA! I know what you are thinking right now
“C to the R to the A to the Z  to the Y!”  Isnt it???
Well leave all that.
Hey I really wanted to tell this to you. Recently I got some great followers!!!
Thank you so much!
And I have some awesome people with really awesome blogs! Some of them are SNEHA,AREEJ, D’ZARO,BARB.,HARSHA,KZELLA. ..etc.And their comments brighten up my day.
Thankyou all so much!:)
Well, that’s all from me.signing off now! see ya J


  1. yes no1 has a clear idea of who they r...
    seems v adapt 2 d situation jus lyk in girgit.(tat hindi lssn in 10th)

  2. yeah even I'm searching for the answer :)


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