Thursday, April 7, 2011

know not why...

In front of your eyes,
have I grown
from a tot to a teen
Know not why
now your love is shielded,
with your hollow fear and agony
Love me if you trust me
 trust me if you love me


  1. hey hp
    so truuuueeee!!!

    parents can b so protective n it gets quite irritating sometimes, but what can we do?blogging seems to be the only refuge.

  2. nice sentences :
    Love me if you trust me
    trust me if you love me”
    caouse love is about trust..!!!

  3. This poem is so heart touching!
    Great job!

    -Areej @ YA Readers!

  4. Hi Haritha! Well.. I'm not happy at my job these days, I really don't want to work there anymore, so I'm looking to another jobs and hopelly I'll find something better. But I need a job, cause I want to go back to college, I'm thinking about study Pedagogy. I love Philosophy, but it was driving me insine!! So I hope to change things to the best... How are you?


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