Thursday, April 28, 2011

The voyage still continues...

Questing for an island doth I move
On this solitary ship
But my eyes have only this raging waves to see.
This sea is eternal my comrade
Like your endless dreams.
But still the voyage continues

The sun, the spring
And now is the tempest.
My ship is capsizing in the dark
swaying, in this gale.
Like a restless soul pacing to and forth.

And now I am shrieking
Because I am forgetting me...
But the wind, like a hungry beast
Did swallow my scream..
And my tears are now
Lost in this sea

Where am I now?
Am I  stuck?
But my freezing mind
does not have an answer.
This ship has faded now
A mere skeleton
But in my dreams does the island glitter
Like a diamond amongst the coal

And are they driving this ship now,
Gently forward.
Are they like a candle light
in these cold nights
So the ship moves on and
The voyage still continues


  1. Wonderful words. Most enjoyable.

    Thank you for passing by and leaving lovely comment,

  2. hey hp
    tat was such a meaningful poem...i lykd d island part it brings hope.

  3. Many thanks for your most welcomed comment.
    I do appreciate it.

  4. the ship will keep moving, friend!
    supplies must remain ready
    is it true you with a purpose?
    have you made absolutely sure that your boat ride?
    sure whether the captain was not mistaken?
    ship will continue to move ..
    make sure that ..
    because sacrifice is the next plan
    loyalty is to the next color
    the silence of our next quilt
    tightly grasp it and master it ...

    best friend .. "one earth one sky"


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