Monday, May 2, 2011

"oh ants,you are just amazing!"

Dear ant,

Today when I saw you and your friends moving on the wall of my room,
I reached for the broom to sweep you off the wall.
But then something in you left me unable to do the job I was supposed to. You made me wonder, and think.
I have seen you moving so many times but today I observed you.
What a perfection your crew has!
The queue you maintained from the source to destination left me startled.
The other day when I went to a shop, what I saw was not a line but a crowd.
 I wish the people here had your discipline.
And my gosh! Your head is so tiny and yet you don’t forget the way to your house wherever you go!
I still remember the day when I was new to this city and lost my way to homeJ
You and your friends easily lift the big bread crumbs on the floors, that are double your size!
Hats off to your hard work,and your team spirit is the eighth wonder!
Its something that most of us lack
How beautifully do you prove that- united we stand and divide we fall.
 And science has proved that you are good in calculations too! Oh god how I struggle to do some of my maths sumsJ
All together you are just INCREDIBLE!.yet people use ant pesticides to  get rid of you. Sometimes I feel sad imagining how painfully you die. suffocating Or otherwise you silently get crushed under our feet.:(
Man thinks that he is the master of this world. I am just wondering in what way is he superior When he does not even know that even a small insect like you is the creation of god and can teach him some great lessons of life
Dear ant, yet you don’t even have the faintest sign of egoyou are just cool and continue your work.nothing bothers you. I admire you! lol!
Oh dear ant you are just AMAZING!


  1. O WOWW!!!
    U keep noticing the small things!!way to gooo:)

  2. they are amazing...but still annoying :D

    -you've got new follower :)

  3. @sneha.enough snake!!!!!!!!;D

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    And your blog is very special

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    You are more than Welcome,

  5. Nature is Wonderful and a great teacher..
    the only truth is we should accept that we are just a part of it...
    Good Post

  6. A very unusual subject but you wrote about it excellently. Well done.
    The most unusual poem I wrote was about a garden pea.

    Thanks for the comment, very good of you.

  7. ant is a creature who is very happy working together,
    they are very active in working,
    never seemed to feel tired

    I agree with ant so amazing


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