Saturday, May 28, 2011

And i am back!!!

And Finally I am back! After having a good time there in my hometown .
yes! Had a blast with my cousins.:)
But I seriously missed blogging and reading all the beautiful posts of my friendsL
Well I have so many things to write about the beautiful days I spent in kerala here but the problem is I don’t know how to start and make it bore free;D
And more than that, some things can never be expressed but only felt.
 But there are a few things that I want to pen down  here that too, in points. Some things that I learnt from my visit to my home town, this time.
 1. There are some hearts in this world where in  the rivers of pure love have not at all dried up.
2. Even if a person you hate , becomes a reason to hate a place where he/she lives, there will be a thousand other reasons to love and like that same place.
3.The feeling you get after you speak aloud whatever you feel is right and fair is just incredible!
4.Unbelievable Changes (both good and bad) can happen to  anyone at anytime that too anywhere!
Well, that’s it. By the way, I am so glad to see some really good comments and followers which have made my day!
So I just cant wait!!! SO Here I come to visit you allJ


  1. HELLO !
    Thank you to visit to my blog.
    If you translate to english the text, will be understand something.
    Thank you.

    это мой новый блог!Ты была моим читателем на прошлом блоге и теперь я не хочу тебя потерять!Становись ПЧ этого блога*Ничего не поменяется:)Спасибо*♥

  3. UR BACK!!!!!!Yeah i lykd d 4th point best. v true....i 2o made some frndz on d last visit...

  4. waiting for ur upcoming post on the fun n experience you had during the break....

    thnx for the visit n follow.... plz do visit again when i post my next....

    best wishes,

  5. wellcome dear best friend..
    thanks to visit me again..

    nice posting..

  6. There are some hearts in this world where in the rivers of pure love have not at all dried up.

    Well said and Very true...

    Nice post and welcome back

  7. Well it sounds like quite a journey. A real journey, in heart and in body.

  8. @all thankyou all so much!:)


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