Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oooh that scary night!

Well this happened when I visited Kerala this time. I still cant forget that creepy night when I struggled alone to sleep!

To tell you about this incident, first I need to describe an old lady because this whole incident revolves around her.
In my childhood days, I lived with my granny in Kerala.
I still remember an old lady who used to visit my granny often, mostly during evenings to have a chat with her. she was our neighbour. she lived alone, quiet near to us.
 A bold lady all clad in white she was. A widow. Actually, in most of the rural parts of India, widows usually wear just plain white clothes and lead a simple life. She was a medium sized fair woman of my gran’s age, with dark grey hair. She walked in a majestic way.
About 8 years back she committed suicide, hanged herself from the ceiling of her house. The reason what everybody thinks is the avoidance and ill-treatment she faced from her children.
Nobody expected this from her even in the wildest dreams. The news was so shocking.
After her death, that house did not go unoccupied as I expected. Her very son and family lives in there now! And no ghost stories came up as I expected ! you know because of her unnatural death.
(from then onwards I understood we must expect the unexpectedJ)
So years went by and yes, this whole thing died a natural death and people forgot all about this.
(And it was a few years after that we moved to Chennai and now my aunt and her family lives there in the house where we lived.)

This time when I visited my aunty there, do not know why but I just could not stop thinking about that poor lady.
Every time I sat idle, that woman’s face filled my mind. I just kept on thinking about how she must have got he courage to commit suicide, her last moments, Wondered whether she would have cursed her children, whether her spirit be floating around her house and all (well ,mysteries, parapsychology interests me)
So this particular night I just couldn’t sleep. And oh my god. I just cant forget that night. I started imagining all sorts of weird things. I thought I saw a white lady hanging upside down from the ceiling. And her face was of that lady’s!
I shut my eyes so hard and the next moment I heard a kind of tap on the door.
Then the sound faded away.
I could not breathe but felt a sudden breeze and heard rustling of the dry leaves. It sounded like somebody was crushing them
Even the ticking of the clock sounded scary. And as the minutes passed by I just couldn’t understand whether I was imagining or whether It was all happening!
I felt like somebody was moving around the house and thought i saw a pale face that vanished swiftly, every time I looked out of the window!
But the funniest part was that  I knew I was scared but my pride did not allow me to wake my cousin up J .(well. bet nothing could have waken her up.)
 I tried to put on a brave front and waited for the ghost to come to me. If she came at all ,I decided to shake her hands and say hey gran whats up?.oh you look so pale. Nutrition deficiency?:D
So I waited and waited filling my heart with bravery, but guess I fell asleep soon (or unconscious???:))
The next morning I woke up and could not stop laughing, thinking about how stupid I had been the last night!
I didn’t say this to anyone.(ya u guessed the reason rightJ).seriously embarrassing.
Well but the night was real scary. Did I actually see her or did I simply imagine it, I still dont know!
just cant forget that night. But I know her soul is resting in peaceyes her soul is.. yes yes
Well, wouldn’t her soul be??? :P


  1. Haritha!!get a grip. SERIOUSLY...tis really happened. i'm kinda surprised ur admitting u were so scared:D

  2. well...its all about what you think actually....

    and you are right it was all ur imagination about her...nothing else.

  3. scary. I am also that type of person the one that gets up to check things out, instead of crawling back under to rest in peace. I am that stupid girl in the horror movie who goes outside when she hears a noise.

  4. @sneha ha ha nothing wrong in admitting the truth r8?:)
    @irfanuddin yup.guess you are right.thankyou for the visit:)
    @keda am glad to hear that:) same pinch!i liked that phrase "stupid girl":D.if the girl doesnt go outside, how will the film move on???:D

  5. May her soul RIP !!!

    and thats really smart...
    the way you made up your mind hehee...
    its all in the mind :)
    "If she came at all ,I decided to shake her hands and say “hey gran whats up?.oh you look so pale. Nutrition deficiency?”:D"

  6. our minds sure can play tricks on us :D
    Once in a while I watch some scary movie and after that, I'm sleeping with my blanket all over my head, cause I imagine so many things in my head,but the most important thing is that you can laugh about yourself later, haha :D


  7. @harsha ha ha:D thank you!
    @baiba ya i agree with you!later everything will seem so stupid:)

  8. poor Haritha)) I can understand you so good because my imagination gives me scary feelings so often)) and now it's night here and I'm scared enough after reading your post))I need to run to my bedroom now))

  9. love your blog,
    superb talent in writing,

    feel free to share your poetry with our poetry potluck week 41 today.


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