Wednesday, May 4, 2011

night sky

Watching night sky is one of my hobbies. Bet you all love it too.
I don’t know what feeling fills my heart when I watch the night sky but I think it’s a mixture of romantic, melancholic and blissful feeling.
I like walking alone on the terrace of my home, watching the sky during the twilight.
At that time, I always try to find out the brightest of all the stars because I know that it’s my granny.
Then I will smile at her and believe me she will smile backshe was so sweet, my unique granny.
You know, When I was young I used to think that, everyday a star falls down from the sky. And hence I used to stay alert to catch one ;D
Sometimes I would simply wait for a shooting star or watch the moon among the floating clouds. Isnt she pretty and majestic like a queen.?
But what do we learn in the school? That moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, we belong to milky way galaxy, stars don’t twinkle but its just atmospheric refraction bla bla bla.
Now who cares about all that when the beauty of the night sky leaves us speechless……
No science can tell you about the stars better than our twinkle twinkle little star rhyme that we learnt in our kindergarten.
But It’s true that as we grow up we become rational, And hence there won’t be or there can’t be any place for those silly, kiddish thoughts that we once strongly believed in!
They just become something we can simply laugh at heartily, a part of childhood memories.
Well, let me conclude this post with a short poem. (poem? Don’t think so) J

“I hear the twinkling stars
Whispering to me,
‘Come to us. Come to this zenith.’
Oh stars, I will reach there one day.
If not in my life, at least after that”


  1. Oh I just love the night sky, too. And I actually don't know what am I thinking about when I look at the stars, but I know one thing - i feel free and happy in those moments.

    And I don't care what any science book says. They don't know anything :D


  2. yes.....such a serene atmos.
    leaves u feeeling how tiny ur in d entire universe. but personally i dont wanna b a star aftr i die!!!!

  3. @sneha,hey snake even i dont wanna be one.but its the common belief right?:)

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