Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is that why?

Long long ago, on a starry night,
When a rain drop, from the lap of a cloud
Looked down and saw in the deep dark woods,
A lonely white withering rose, sleeping amidst the thorns,
And went with the breeze to touch her face,
And with his cool silver lips, kissed her weak pale cheeks,
The leaves giggled, 
The moon smiled 
and the brook was mute….
And in the serene silence, the rose wake up in shock
And for a moment, went to a daze
Slowly then shyly she smiled, and beautifully she blushed
And did her cheeks glow rich deep crimson ….

        So is that the reason why roses are red???


  1. oooooooooooh YEsssssssssss I am sure thats the reason :) beautifully written


  2. What can I say? It sounds true, Haritha.

  3. A wonderful write , excellent word content.


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  5. lovely.. is this the reason.. :)

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  6. Hello.
    What beautiful imagery you create. How can this not be true? (smile). It's such a happy poem, I had to read it again. ;-)
    Absolutely lovely, Haritha!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your kind words are much appreciated.

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  7. You are so incredibly talented and creative! Once again, nicely done.

  8. i dont think so (aarodum parayanda) :P

  9. I think yes, that's why :) so beautiful :)

  10. Hey I was just thinking about you yesterday! Glad you came over since I lost you for a bit there. As for you post I have to say one of your most beautiful.

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