Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In a dream world.........

Today my friend gave me a beautiful sea shell. I pressed it against my ears and heard the pleasing noise of the sea shore
I felt as if I was melting into the nature and was driven away to a dream world
There I was alone in an abandoned sea shore,
I noticed the sea was sad…..
I asked to the sea “oh young sea why are you dull?
The sea said “yes I am gloomy, it is a sad reason’
I said: “please let me hear that”
Then the sea told me that reason which was annoying her for many years
“I had been pulling the shore since my birth for playing and enjoying with me
But it didn’t answer my calls .the shore is really cruel to me….
My waves, unable to fulfill my dreams are going to and fro like restless souls.
What shall I do?”
I couldn’t utter a word realizing the truth and walked away leaving my footprints on the wet sand………..


  1. Hi Haritha! Sugamano? LOL!
    so, sakura is the name in japanese of a flower, the blosson cherry!


  2. "Lots Of Laughs" or "Laughing Out Loud"!



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