Thursday, April 23, 2009

born as prisoners...

When I say we are born as prisoners and live as prisoners ,you have to accept it because that is the truth
You may wonder why?
We are fettered with the chains of religions, castes and creeds.
We are moving in the wrong path even after knowing that religions are like tributaries ultimately joining the main stream the GOD…
Why do we need all this when the same red blood is moving through all our veins?
Some may think this is silly, but I have hopes that at least one may agree with me……
So let us become free stand united as just human beings
If you cant, you are still imprisoned and carry on, live your life to die as an imprisoned………….

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  1. we need of freedom and respect from each other, its the only way to stop the selfishness, blindness, and even the wars!
    i loved your post!

    so, what have you been doing?
    you and your sister are really sweet! i love you girls!

    take care!


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