Friday, May 15, 2009

for my grandma

This poem is for my granny, I am sure she will see this because she is within me….

"Oh my granny
The pain which I bare in my heart is killing me
Because you are not here and shall never come again
You walked away leaving me alone and you have become a twinkling star now
You float like a soft petal in my dreams and Your memories are sleeping in me now
And by every tear drops I shed thinking you, I water them
And the sweet flowers which bloom in those evergreen memories shall never die because I want its pure fragrance to spread all over my soul and make me free from all my sins…."


  1. hey.thats nice... superb..:)

  2. that's beautiful!

    love you!

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  4. I don't know how we could ever meet! My parents have some friends who live in India, but I'm not sure where exactly. They work with a school, a church, and a house for girls that live there. It's a really poor village. Maybe, someday, when i finish college and have money to travelling, I'll meet your country! Who knows, righ?

    There's so many things to study that sometimes I just get tired! but I'll try my best!!

    beijos! love you


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