Friday, May 8, 2009


I know you wanna, escape from this bloody world
Because the world around is killing you
So let me rescue you from this bloody world
But not to heaven or to hell

Because you will be captivated there too...
So let me give you liberty and I can do it because,
I am a wandering bad spirit, a spooky immortal
i am coming to you....

You hear the clock striking twelve somewhere, in the midnight
You hear a pack of wolves howling my welcome song very far
And you see moon hiding behind a cloud in fear

You hear silence in the midst of darkness
And you see me spreading like a mist
And I want to take you away, because this world is cruel

Now you do see your curtains flying in pain
And you do see you windows shouting in vain
And you can feel my thirst for blood too
Because, I come to you like a chill breeze carrying that odd smell of death

When I come nearer and nearer,
I know that cold shiver creeps you spine
And you hear your heart beating faster and faster
Because it shall beat no more soon

When my cold teeth pierce your veins
And when I suck your warm blood
And when you let your last breath free through your lips
You can see a content smile on my face,
But not fearful like that evil grins of the people you live with..

I take your soul away and fly very far...
But not to heaven or to hell
Because when tomorrow comes, you feel the same freedom I enjoy
And you too search for blood, not for peace to quench your thirst

Now you are happy, I know because
I rescued you from that selfish world of devils and demons,
From that world of violence and
From that ugly world that never changes……….

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