Tuesday, May 12, 2009

proved it again:-)

Today I was in a mood to cook something. I sneaked into to the kitchen when everyone were enjoying an afternoon siesta. I flipped through so many books and at last I thought, I would make some cucumber soup and started the preparations…… cutting,chopping,boiling,stirring.really had a hard time.
when I was almost done I felt really proud and the aroma was really fantastic.
But when I tasted it oh my god i just cant express it....
Really awful!!! The soup was nothing more than some half-cooked vegetables!!!! i was disappointed, my mom had always told me no to do things that i dont know,but i would always quarrel with her and say that is how we learn something.
i looked at my soup again and felt sorry for the fate of those poor vegetables.
behaving as though nothing had happened i served the so called cucumber soup to my mom first.
thank god she didn’t faint.I didn’t compel others. everyone wants to live in this world right? oh!atlast I had no other go,but to dump it in the bin….Really sad;-(

Now I remember a proverb”TOO MANY COOKS SPOILS THE BROTH” But that is wrong in my case I tell you.Why too many, when I am here?

So,yet again I proved that I am a bad cook


  1. i love to cook! but theres a lot of things that i still have to learn!

    i didn't forgot you!
    i have a big test this month, so i have to study a lot, so i gonna be busy :(
    but i'll try my best to answer as soon as possible!

    hope you are ok!
    love u!

  2. May 30th! its gonna be tuff :/ !
    anyway... how are you? what have you been doing?

  3. thanks Haritha!
    you're the best :)



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