Monday, May 18, 2009


what do you think I am afraid of????
Exams? Wild animals? Death????
Not at all .
If you promise you wont laugh,I shall tell the truth
I am afraid of that living thing who can live without its head for maximum 9days!
Yes COCKROACH………………..

You must not laugh and break the promise
That insect really makes me afraid
In my house there are a few cockroaches…….they suddenly appear in my room in the night and create a creepy feeling
Oh god help me..
Yesterday I tried to hit a roach ,it didn’t die but fled towards me and took revenge
Oh no,the moments I fear the most.
I feel they follow me……..

You know,my sis love cockroaches,she is brave enough to touch them
I am now planning to launch a mission.
You are welcome to join my mission
Let our aim be a world without cockroaches(ha ha ha )


  1. i too afraid of cockroach.. im with u in the mission.. :D let make the world better living place without cockroach..

  2. i dont like insects at all!!!

    good luck in your mission!!

    nice new picture of yours! ^^
    LOVE U!

  3. Hi Haritha! how are you?
    I'm getting worry about you! is everything ok?

    send me news!

    love u!


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