Friday, September 23, 2011

The cry

Black corpses and shattered fleshes…
Chaos, smoke and wreckage….
Smell of fresh blood lingers in the air
he is there, in that inferno,
running legs nearly stamping him, the wretched tot….
His bleeding hands,
Clutching a broken bangle of his lost little sister,
He sits,
Near a handful of ashes and bones-his mother,
He cries and cries all alone,
But this deaf, insane world will never hear

Flowers so bright and vivid
Bloomed in his dreams once….
Now they all wilt in the burning war…
He, now an orphaned, tattered kite,
in this black sky……

The lost love, the blithe childhood,
He will never find again
His little heart will be numb,
His weak eyes will be vengeful soon….

Though far away is he
His cry pierces the silence of this night
Rings badly in my ears,
His cry, a nightmare,
a sharp sword deep into my soul…


  1. Beautifully done--but FRIGHTENING!

  2. i think this is ur best to date, hp.....way to go:)
    any recent stuff that inspired u to write this??

  3. it leaves a lot for me to wonder...!!!

  4. so much of sorrow.. lost childhood indeed..

  5. So sad. Very powerful. Completely moving!

  6. got me to sit back and think :(

    Weakest LINK

  7. This was VERY moving. It literally made my brain stop thinking about the 10000 things it's usually filled with and just focused on this. Beautifully written. I'll be following :)

  8. thanks so much for the comment :) and the title means My name is Baiba =] i sure hope I can do it all ;D
    take care

  9. painful and real. this experience is part of our world. grim and gray with a flash of red is what i felt here. well done.

  10. I'm having a blogfest as a tribute to people who have gone before us. I'd love it if you could check it out. I bet you'd write the most beautifully touching post.

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